Louis Sachar

"It was all bacause of his no good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather.

Stanley Yelnats III is accused for stealing a famous baseball players shoes, and is sent to a camp called 'Camp Green Lake" where everything is dry and is in the middle of nowhere. At this camp digging holes builds character. He meets one kid named Hector Zeroni "Zero" who runs away because he is teased about his stupidity. When Stanley chases after zero the next day, not only is he risking his life, but zeros too. It will take a miracle for them to survive.

Third Person book with 233 pages

Holes probably has many different themes, but the one that stuck out to me would be "Friends are always by your side as long as you're by theirs." This fits best because I can relate the theme to me too. For example I remember when I was in an argument with another friend walking to connections and then Michael and Dylan came to back me up. Even though this is not as deep as the conflict in holes, friends should always be by your side no matter what. And they should not only be by yours , but you should be by theirs.