What do they do?

An Architect is someone who designs, plans, and supervises building site's. One thing they have to do is when they design a building is to make sure, the regulations of the area there building in matches with right with there building design.


Their wages range from first staring as $42,320 per year or $20.34 per hour.

After 2years they can get up to $80,090 per year or to $42.83 per hour.

After 4years the to 10% get up to $105,280 per year or $50.62 per hour.

What kind of majors and colleges do you need?

To become an Architech you have to get a you have to get a bachelor in science and arts and especially a master in architecture. Most of all it often takes about 5years to complete and get these degrees. Two colleges that interest me that are out of Texas are University of California, Los Angele's and also the University of Southern California. One College that interest me that is in Texas is Texas A/M University.

Architech outlook for 2020

The U.S Bureau of labor statistics predicts that there will be growth of about 16% between 2008-2020.Which means about 46% of Architects will earn about between $46,000 and $68,300 a year.