Building a Schools Culture


Improving Student Behavior through Positive School Climate

This article talks about how is a school has too many rules and is discipline driven the school tends to not have as much positivity as a school with spirit.

I tend to agree that if you focus on the positive you will get more productivity out of others.

Promoting a Positive School Environment Part 1

Atlanta Public Schools

This is a five part series that discusses ways to promote positivity in their schools. This was for their middle school transformation conference.

Building a Positive School Climate

This is a power point on the ideas that connection. collaboration, and experience can make a big difference on the climate of a school. By breaking larger sized schools to smaller ones for more social engagement. Including more integration of the classes and resources like the library.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment – This Week’s #PTchat

“A positive learning environment is one in which school staff, students, and parents build safe and peaceful environments where people are accepted and respected and where learning is the main focus” (Schauffele, 2007).

I found a twitter chat about technology and school Cuture