A few things

Get Excited!

New Customer Placement

We officially have a new Customer Placement System. And it is up and running!!!

Here are the details....when a customer goes to place an order and they find themselves on the main O2 page, they will be prompted to enter the designer they are working with.
If the say they are not working with a designer, the nest will assign them geographically to us.
This includes ordering customers as well as those that are just registering and looking around.
At this time- these customers will be assigned to Team Leader level and above. Also, I wanted to mention. If the nest gives you a customer, you should receive an email telling you they did. I strongly encourage you to reach out to that new customer and say hello. Thank them for checking out the site or for ordering. Introduce yourself. want people to think of YOU when they hear the name Origami Owl.

New Policies and Procedures

The new updated Policies and Procedures is in the BO. The nest has been working on this for awhile and I am sure we will find changes as well as clarifications and issues being clearly explained. Everyone is being asked to review this. It is our legal contract as independent contractors.
If you have questions.....please PM me or email me. I'm sure we will all have questions. I will do everything I can to be sure we address all questions and concerns.

Rascal Flatts

Please check out the Owistas or the Back Office for details on the new Changed TAG and CD promotion. Go win your self a prize or two:) Lots of info so read up and start promoting. There is a PDF in resources to print off with a great picture for your tables:)

Dont forget about my front line incentive program for February.

Congratulations to the ladies who have already earned both levels.Its not to late, you still have a week to go.
~$500.00PV ....'I HAVE' tag
~$1000.00PV....'LOVE' tag
~3 recruits.your tag of choice

Stay tuned for March incentive.

New Renewal Fee

The new annual fee is $99. I don't know specifics of what it entails. Rochelle is already working in details. I am going my opinion-I think that will most likely cover our website and be on our anniversary....that is my speculation!!!! Stay tuned!!!!

My Front line ladies

As I mentioned, I am going to be updating you as often as I have info that I feel you need to keep up on. This info will be emailed to you as my front line ladies and it is up to you on passing it down to your teams. This is your business to run the way that fits your lifestyle. Just know that as you grow your incredible teams as many of you are, I encourage you to step up and be the best mentor you can be. Never hesitate to come to me with questions you cant help them with, especially if you are new yourself. I still ask my mentor questions all the time. Its how we learn. This is a very exciting time to be starting this business and grow your team, so be in the know as the new changes are approaching on April 16th. I know alot of this info is on the Facebook pages but there are a few of you that are not on Facebook so hopefully these news letters will be helpful. I want to make sure you all have the info.