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Be Kind ~ Be Awesome ~ Make The Right Choices

Volume 2 ~ Issue 6 ~ August 31, 2020

Amazing Triton Staff,

"You cannot tailor make the situations in life, but you can tailor make the attitudes to fit those situations before they arise." ~Zig Ziglar~

For many of you, Monday, 8/31 begins a day of juggling even more activities at home as your elementary children will be starting school in Chula Vista Elementary School District or another school district. As a parent of children who have already graduated from school, I can't even imagine the scenarios that must be playing your minds about how tomorrow will function. Imagine the staff who has a spouse who also works at home and have children who attends not one but two school systems. Imagine the teacher who has to teach and has children that attend two school systems or they have a newborn or a non-school age children. Imagine the single parent who has to teach and have other children who will start tomorrow. These are only three of endless realities that our staff are facing right now. These are also the realities of our ELM families. We did not choose these new realities and it has been challenging to respond positively because these are all stressful situations. But I encourage you to persevere, to be joyful and to be resilient and to think positively. We are a lot stronger than we think. And if it seems hopeless, ask for help. Our school is a place where we can find support and solace in these times and a staff who cares about each other.

So I hope that as your start your day tomorrow, know that we are here to support each other. I

Below are information that are significant to Week 5 and beyond.

Upcoming Changes in the Daily Schedule

  • Monday, 8/31 and Tuesday, 9/1 will be asynchronous instruction for all periods. This is our district's efforts to support CVESD first day of school. Inform your students how you will be taking attendance.
  • Labor Day Week - Monday, September 7 will be an official school holiday. Consequently, the schedule for the week has been changed to accommodate this holiday. Please refer to the first slide to know the schedule for the week.
  • Friday Schedule was increased by 10 minutes and starts at 8:20am. In order to be compliant with SB 98's requirement of the 240 daily instructional minutes during distance learning, the Friday schedule was changed to meet that requirement. Please refer to the second slide that shows the new schedule. This change is effective Friday, September 4.

ELM Restorative Practice Teacher Referral Form

As the school year moves forward, we know that there are students who are struggling. One of the ways in which we support students is to provide opportunities to connect with other adults on campus. Ms. Quinn serves as our Restorative Practice Teacher. She is available to support our students, especially to hold conversations with them that can provide guidance on how to be successful in school. Below is a video that we shared during Open House regarding this support that explains this support. Parents also have their own referral form. If you feel you have a student who needs this additional support, please click on this link to complete the referral form.

August Triton Trait

Although this week will be the start of September, we will continue incorporating the Triton Trait of Kindness. Below are some great quotes from Jesse Jackson, Princess Diana and Mother Theresa on the effects of kindness as well as a Brad Paisley rendition of Glen Campbell's song "Try a Litte Kindness." Please find ways in which you can incorporate our Triton Traits in your daily lessons.

Triton of the Week Nominations

This past week, three students were nominated. Please read the slide below on why they were nominated. Congratulations to Matthew Grimaldi, Nicholas Wise and Matthey Rollbusch.

Yearbook Submission of Students' Summer Activities

Please help our yearbook staff to collect photos of students' summer activities. Below is a picture that Ms. Bolles created for the purpose of submission. It is a big challenge to create a yearbook when students are not on campus. They need all of us to participate and encourage our students to participate in these collections. Thank you for doing your part.

Attendance Policy - How To Clear Attendance

Please read the information below on Attendance. Also, Danielle, our attendance clerk has requested that you use this form [link] to correct or change any attendance after you have submitted. This is part of our effort to centralize the documentation of all corrections and easily accessible by all admin. Please follow this request and do not send her emails regarding corrections.

Lunch Application

If you qualified for free or reduced lunch last year and have yet to renew your application, please scroll down the newsletter and find the directions on how to apply this year. Even if you don't think you qualify, I encourage you to apply as every year, the income threshold for the application changes.

ASB Activities

Please read all the slides that pertain to ASB. This Thursday is our first Spirit Day of the year - Throwback Thursday. Students, let's participate and submit lots of pictures. Click on this link to submit your comparison photo.

Additional Support

  1. Genius Bar Teachers Support Form: Parents if your children are still experiencing technical support in sofware and other applications for the classroom, please have them fill out the support form [link] so that a teacher can call them at the end of the day.
  2. Navigating the ELM Website: Our most under-utilized support is our website, which contains a lot of information to support our students' educational journey at ELM. Please take time to get to know our website so that you can send our students and their families there for support. At the end of this newsletter is a video on how to use this resource.

Below are slide and video information that are pertinent to the week. They appear in this order:

1. Upcoming Schedule Changes

2. Revised ELM Virtual Daily Schedule

3. ELM Restorative Practice Parent Referral Form

4. August Triton Trait: Kindness

~Try A Little Kindness by Brad Paisley

~Tritons of the Week Nomination

~Kindness Quotes

5.Yearbook Request for Summer Activities

6. Attendance Policy - How To Clear Any Absences

7. Lunch Application Information

8. ASB Activities Announcement
~ThrowBack Thursday Spirit Activity

~ELM Spirit Gear on Sale

~Purple Pride Club Announcement

9. Genus Bar Teachers Support Form

10. ELM Technology Support Line

Here is the link to the parent newsletter.

Let's have an amazing week!

Mrs. Finley

Upcoming Schedule Changes

Please read the slide below to ensure that you add the follow schedule changes to your family calendar.

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ELM Virtual Daily Schedule: Period 1 begins at 8:20am

Changes to our Friday Schedule has been made. This schedule begins this Friday, 9/4.

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ELM Restorative Practice Teacher Referral Form

Teachers, please click on the title bar to refer a student to Ms. Quinn. She has also created one for the parents to use.

Courtney Quinn RP Open House
August Triton Trait: Kindness

August is all about kindness. In the video below, Brad Paisley sings Glen Campbell's "Try a Little Kindness" and reminds what happens when we show a little kindness. What kindness will you show this week?

Brad Paisley-Try a Little Kindness
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Yearbook Request for Summer Activities Pictures

Yearbook is compiling photos to show how Tritons spent their summer. Pictures submitted will be considered for inclusion in the 2020-2021 yearbook. Your submission indicates your approval for use. Click on this link to submit a photo.

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Attendance Policy - How To Clear Any Absences

Click on this link to clear absences for your children. Note: Only parents and guardians can clear absences for their children.

California Educational Code requires all students to be in school. If students have to miss school, it is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to provide an excuse note that provides an explanation for the absence. This note could be a medical note, court papers or parent notes. All absences must be cleared within 30 days. An absence that is not excused will be coded as TRUANT. Excessive absences, Excused / Unexcused / Truant, will trigger a protocol called a Pre-SARB (Student Attendance Review Board); this could include a home visit even in times of COVID, in order to verify the student is still attending our school. If the chronic absences are not fixed, the student and parent/guardian will have to attend the Student Attendance Review Board as some point down the road.

In the advent of distance learning, a new protocol has been established to ensure that students are not marked absent due to technical difficulties. If students do not complete the new protocol by 3:00pm of that day, then parents will have to follow protocols for clearing absences.The protocol is listed below. It is also posted on the website.

How To Clear Absences

  • Absences are to be cleared in writing with a parent note or physician/medical note. Notes needs to have student’s name, date of the absence, reason for the absence, and parent/guardian/medical provider’s name and signature.
  • Blanket excuses, or notes without a reason provided for the absence will not be accepted: e.g. “Please clear all my student’s absences.”
  • Absences must to be cleared within 30 days.
  • To clear an absence, click on this link to access the clearance form.

How To Clear Absences as a Result of Missing Synchronous Instruction

  • The student must email the teacher via Jupiter Grades by 3:00pm of the same day.
  • If a student misses that window, the protocol for clearing absences must be followed.

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Throwback Thursday Spirit Day: September 3

Here is an opportunity for you to participate in Spirit Days. Our first Spirit Activity is this coming Thursday, September 3 called Throwback Thursday where you submit a before and present photo of you. For example: A picture of you starting school this year compared to when you started kindergarten. To submit your comparison photo, please click on this link. I cannot wait to see your photos.

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Order Your Spirit Gear Now - Purchase Deadline is September 7

Pre-order window is currently openly until September 7th. Paid shipping or free customer pick up at Next Day Printed Tees is available. A portion of the proceeds benefit ELM’s student body.
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Purple Pride Club Announcement

As the school year moves forward, another way for you to engage in school is to join clubs. ELM has many clubs including the Purple Pride Club. If you are interested in joining, please email Ms. Arroyo and Ms. Reynoso, club advisors for this year
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Genius Bar Teachers Support Form

Triton Students, are you in need of TECH support? If so click on the title ELM Genius Bar Support Form, fill it out and an ELM Techy Teacher will reach out to you. Also check out the video below, to learn more about the Genius Bar

Genius Bar Teacher Support Line
Navigating the ELM Website

Please watch the video and see how our website contains a lot of information for your ELM journey.

Website Overview
ELM Technology Support Desk

If you need help with any technology issue, please contact Mr. Doyle, our site IT support. He will get back to you faster.

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