Out of War

where he lives and his name? How old is he?

His name is Alberto.

Alberto lives in Bogota.

Alberto is 15.


Alberto's brother, Hernando, was captured during an attack on Mitu. Alberto lives with his parents. His mother has joined in peace negotiations for freeing the police officers daptured at Mitu. Alberto is the youngest in his family.


Alberto's environment is good. There are no massacres were he lives.

Events that have influenced Alberto

An event that has influenced Alberto the day that Hernando was captured. This event influenced Alberto to start joining the peace movement.

Have they been threatened?

Alberto has not been threatened.

I was impressed about...

I was impressed about the fact that they chose to inform his class mates about someone who was getting beating by her parents.

They chose to fight for freedom

Alberto chose to fight for freedom because he thought all the violence was wrong. His brother being kidnapped acclerated his desire for freedom.

One question I have for Alberto is...

I would ask If your brother had not been kidnapped would you still have chosen to fight for freedom.