Dogs of the Iditarod

Ella, Emily and Uriah Period-2

How the Dogs are Chosen

  • dogs are selected by speed, endurance, and courage
  • need strength, inteligence ,and loyalty
  • dogs are hardy, driven, and good athletes
  • lead dogs show leadership from puppyhood
  • they have good appitite, good feet, fast, and can run for a while
  • dogs must be calm around other dogs


  • the dogs train with their trainer all year before the race
  • the dogs need to be micro-chipped
  • must be de-wormed if infested
  • physical exams must be done within 14 days of the race
  • have to have good blood work done
  • mushers must sign an agreement form
  • the dogs get checked at every checkpoint of the race

The Dogs

  • 12-16 dogs have to start the race and 5 dogs must finish
  • the dogs are usually purebread siberian or alaskan huskies
  • mushers think of dogs as part of their family
  • huskies colors are grey, tan, black, and white markings
  • dogs are usally 35-60 lb.
  • have long bushy tails and pricked ears
  • dogs have thick fur that keeps them warm


  • lead dogs need to know the commands
  • dogs get rewarded with good food, attention and many treats after the race