My experience

while travelling to India

India the word itself spells magic in the air. I have been to India many times in my life ever since I was a child. My father loved travelling and he took us everywhere along with him, to whichever country he went. I have travelled almost all around the world and have seen things that one can never ever imagine in their dreams. But there is one place which had created a very deep impression in my mind. The place was India. Ever since I grew up I wanted to go on a trip to India. Being a junior scientist I do not get time often to go out on holidays but 5 months back when I decided that I would take some time off and pay a visit to this incredible country, I never thought that that trip would teach me so many lessons more than anything else. Life is a journey and there are moments in life that will be an eye opener for you when you travel to India. It altogether changes your entire outlook towards life and your attitude transforms completely. There have been a lot of experiences that I wish to share with the world about my trip to India. So here are a few things that I can vividly remember about my journey and quote:

1) Happiness is a virtue

I travelled almost the length and the breadth of the country, and come across a lot of things that I had never seen in the west. Whether you talk about delays or you talk about chaos or unhygienic conditions, large insects or a culture shock. Everything in the end starts working out, maybe in the beginning you see things not going your way, but I thing is extremely important that you should always find a way to smile and be happy about. The key to your happiness is that you should stop worrying for things that are not under your control, which I learnt in this country.

2) The People

When you think of India and the general public here, you think of con men or you think of touts. But this is majorly because of the poverty and the standard of living which best justifies their behavior. There is one thing that I noticed that no matter anything, the people here are extremely helpful, and their change their outlook towards you if they see that even you are quite helpful. They can be your best guide.

3) Yoga or Yog as it is called originally

The kind of yoga you get to learn in the west is not even close to what I learnt here in India. My understanding of yoga completely transformed when I came here. Its objective is to make your mind still so that you can experience the truth of your existence altogether. This practice is meant for you to relax your mind and rejuvenate your soul. It is quite difficult to master the art; it takes a lot of years of dedication and belief to even come close to knowing your being.


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