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Board Highlights (just the facts)

In partnership with Clark County Public Health, Superintendent Snell shared details of a phased return to in-person learning process at our school board meeting. The plan is based on the Washington State Department of Health Guidance.

“We recognize the importance of having options for families and also returning students to in-person learning,” said Snell. “We believe this process provides that opportunity utilizing lessons learned from the spring and current research. It communicates the decision-making process in a way that empowers our community to help us accomplish our goal.”

Snell stressed the significance of working together as a community to bring down our rates of infection. An important way to help is by following the Safe Start Washington reopening guidelines. In recent weeks we've noticed large groups of adults and students recreating on our courts, fields, and tracks without regard to social distancing. Our school grounds remain open to the public, however, we may close our grounds if guidelines are not followed. Please practice appropriate physical distancing or wear a face covering when participating in outdoor activities. Without hand-washing stations and regular disinfection, our play structures remain closed until phase 3 of the Safe Start Washington plan or when we transition students back to in-person learning.
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2020-21 Budget Adoption

Business Services Director Jasen McEathron presented the final budget for the coming school year in a public hearing--the budget was approved by the board.

Interested in learning more? All board meeting documents can be found here: https://go.boarddocs.com/wa/camas/Board.nsf/Public

Mill Town Pride

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Chromebook Deployment

Deneen Hubbard, Traci Kosaki and Donna Ebert

Deneen, Traci, and Donna have gone above and beyond helping families get access to technology during our district’s Covid-19 remote learning. These ladies have been hard at work deploying Chromebooks to more than 7,000 students, and they do it with a smile on their faces. They have been the face of the Technology Department and are the reason that everything went so smoothly!
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Occupational Therapists

Have you ever worked with a child bouncing around and unable to pay attention? Or one who really wanted to be able to color and write like their peers but lacked the fine motor strength to do so? What about kids who are so sensitive to different smells or textures or sounds and their anxiety is so high and they just cried or refused to participate in a given activity?

We are so fortunate to have a staff full of very talented occupational therapists who can come to our rescue to give us different tools and activities to help all of our kids learn! From wiggle cushions and weighted lap pads to pencil grips and fun activities to strengthen hand muscles to different coping skills and sensory diets and supports – these specialists are amazing! Recently they were able to contribute to Vancouver Family Magazine with an article titled Give them a Break: Using Movement Breaks to Help Students Learn. We are so fortunate to have such talented individuals working within our district, and we want to take a few minutes to celebrate them and their contribution to the students of Camas! Nick Calais, Laura Meyerhoff, Kristen Mitchell, and Sharon Peddie are wonderful assets to our school teams. Thank you all for what you do and how you help our kids!

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ParentSquare Overview for Parents

CSD Launches ParentSquare

We are happy to announce the launch of ParentSquare as our single school-to-home communication platform. If you would like to register, you can use the link in the invitation sent this morning, or you can visit parentsquare.com to sign up. Registered families will be given enhanced features such as two-way communication, the ability to RSVP to events, sign up to participate in activities, and choose your communication preferences. You will also be able to see all of the communication for all of your students in one place. If you do not register, you will still get communication from us in a "digest" mode each evening between 6-7 PM.

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