Walden PTO Weekly October 9th, 2020



Walden Green Team

Thank you to all the volunteer gardeners who took time a couple of weeks ago to help plant our new Walden rain garden on the East side of Walden park.

See these photos of our volunteers and some pics of a Monarch caterpillar in the native prairie garden around the Walden sign. Between the two planting days, the caterpillar went from crawling and munching to hanging in its J form ready to go into the chrysalis stage, and then went into the chrysalis by this week Wed.

You’ll also see a few pics of a plant and its massive root system. This plant is a hibiscus plant similar looking to the tropical flower of the same name, and has a root system equal to its height around 20 inches! And it is just a seedling baby plant. Although the plants in the rain garden will thrive in wet, clay soil and even flooding, they also have the ability to tolerate drought with extensive root systems like this.

Now that the weather is cooler at night, it is a great time to plant your own butterfly friendly rain garden or prairie garden, or plant a tree. Spend time this early fall enjoying the blooms!

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Walden Community

Though we are not able to celebrate our beloved Walden Veterans Day Assembly in person this year, we are still committed to helping all of our learners understand the meaning behind Veterans Day. We will be putting together a video that teachers will share with their students and are looking for some input from our Walden community vets!

If you or a family member are a veteran and would be interested in participating, please contact: Kelly Jakymiw (kbandur@yahoo.com). We would then work on recording a brief message from that special vet in your life to compile into the school wide video!

Thank you so much for your support!

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