My Lifetime

Ashley Colburn

There is 2 types of music I mostly like are--rap and country.

  • Eminem-rap!
  • Tim Mcraw-country!
Eminem - Mockingbird
Tim McGraw - Live Like You Were Dying (Official Music Video)

My 2 Wishes

  1. I want that I can see my real mom(Branda),my real little brother( Jacob),and my new little sister(I don't even know her name.
  2. I don't want 2 see my real big brother ever'especially after what he has done 2 me!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Rodney and me

My Favorite Sports!

  • Basketball--even though I suck at it,but I still practice shooting most the day.
  • Soccer--I am a little bit better than basketball at it.
  • Volleyball--I am way much better at it than any of them,and I am almost better than my cousin at it.


I don't like my real big brother at all,especially when he molested me twice.

I'm not sure if I can forgive him at all.Maybe if they find him,and sent him to jail or child molesting Ashley--me and Jasmine--my little sister. :( I am sure we both want that!

my top fav. teachers

  1. Mrs.Johnson
  2. Mrs. Pfeffer
  3. Mrs.Bedford.
  4. Mr.Waddle