Hurricane Katrina

How we can prevent another devestation

Preventing a Future event

In order to prevent another event such as hurricane Katrina, I believe that we need to raise the levees , preventing flooding from a massive hurricane. Obviously there is no way to prevent a hurricane from happening, but we can prevent the same outcome. Hurricane Katrina was a level 3 hurricane when it hit the Gulf coast area, and almost instantaneous, the hurricane waters flooded over the levee systems and flooded many places. Along with raising the levees, if you live near the coast where a hurricane could hit, it needs to be necessary to have some sort of reinforced home. This way, houses would neither flood and lose precious belongings nor get destroyed and lose everything.

Hurricane Katrina had winds up to 140 miles per hour when making contact with civilization, which leaves very few options as far as protection. One way to protect your home from these winds would have to be reinforced walls to protect it. Along with reinforced walls, a way to more securely hold down roofs from being torn apart by wind would be beneficial for the citizens. This would prevent rain from falling in and ultimately be another way to prevent flooding. Also with technological advances, scientists have now been able to see when hurricanes are coming from an even farther distance. This means that if these "stations" were installed in these locations, the scientists could warn the citizens of this and have an evacuation. People need to be aware of these natural disasters and what evacuation and protection plans are needed for safety.

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