Hurley News

Going from Good to GREAT! ~ January 2016

Kindergarten News

Kindergarten is excited about the new year. We are already hard at work. We are working on the letters, kK, uU, pP and the digraphs ch, sh, wh. We are reading and learning about characters, setting and details. We are answering questions about details in a story and we are learning to retell stories from the beginning to the middle to the end.

In math we are reviewing numbers 0-20 and really focusing on counting sets and making numbers 0-10. We are reviewing 2d and 3d shapes and looking for those shapes in our environments. We have started adding and know that addition is putting groups of things together.

In Social Studies we are learning about how changes in life impact us, such as: having a new sibling, moving, loosing a tooth, etc. In Science we continue to learn about weather and seasons and how weather changes how we dress and the activities we participate in.

We will begin assessing for second quarter report cards soon and Report Cards will go home on January 28th. Please remember we have some days off this month. We will be out on Monday, January 18th for Martin Luther King, Jr. and then the 19th and 20th for Teacher Work Days. Remember also to listen for information about inclement weather. You will get a connect ed message, so be sure your phone number is up to date in our system.

Happy New Year! The Kindergarten Team

1st Grade News

First grade is enjoying winter and the colder temperatures as we learn about another cold place - the Arctic. This habitat is home to some interesting animals that we are reading about. In math we are making a connection between addition and subtraction as we find missing addends.

The month of January is full of assessments as we approach mid year and the end of a quarter. Please make sure your child is going to bed on time and gets a good night's sleep. Thanks for all you do!

3rd Grade News

Hello January! Third graders continue to work so hard and with the halfway mark of the year quickly approaching, we will continue to dive deep into our learning!

In math, we will be focusing on using place value to multiply and divide. We will also begin using place value to add, subtract, multiply and divide. We will focus on various strategies that students can unitize in helping them multiply and divide. It is not only important for your child to become fluent in knowing their facts, but also understand various strategies to be able to multiply and divide.

Our reading unit will focus on cause and effect, point of view. Students will learn to ask and answer questions about key ideas and and finding the main idea in the text.

Please continue to have your child study their spelling, vocabulary, multiplication facts and read nightly. Have a wonderful January, our third graders definitely will!

Thank you for your continued support,
3rd grade team

5th Grade News

Happy New Year!!! 5th grade is ready to start this new year with lots of fun while learning.

We are going to focus our math skills on fractions. Helping out in the kitchen at home could be a great way to stay in touch with what your child is learning in math. We will be adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions in the months to come. Please continue to encourage your child to read daily. We have embraced the reading program Achieve 3000 and have seen many students grow as a result. Being a good reader is vital in all subjects! In science, we will be wrapping up our study of the human body systems. Various projects will be done to relate how all body systems must work together in order for our body to be healthy and productive. Social studies is moving toward the development of the USA. We will discuss how settlers have helped to shape our world today.

A friendly reminder to bring your i-Pads charged and ready each day for school as well as having homework complete. Working together as a team will help all be successful!