Ancient Roman FAQS

Regulus Reyna


Witting in the Roman Empire was different than modern writing now. The difference is back then paper was made out of a damp reed that is woven into a pattern then set in the sun to dry for weeks. When dry the papyrus is finished ready to be written on to be sent as a message. Unlike us today we have paper that is made out of trees that are manufactured and pressed into paper in a matter of hours. Writing utensils In the roman era was a quill with ink. But today we improved that method by using pens in our modern era ink capsules with ball points to execute the ink. If you want that message to be sent you would have to hire a messenger to take it to the city for you . Today we have email and that message could get there in a matter of seconds
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A Roman family was different from a modern family in many ways such. Roman families who were the eldest were initially the one that was in charge.But today the person who is the smartest and who has the income was in charge. Children usually had no responsibilities or worries . Now Children have chores to keep up with and go to school.
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Roman Names

Roman names were given other heir by The Son getting the fathers name . The daughter get the mothers name. Today children get called whatever there parents want. Name ending is based on if your a citizen or in royalty. endings like -gen was meant for a citizen.
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Roman Parenting

Being a baby and being raised was a gift if it happened o you .if the father picked the baby up it would live, but if he ignored the baby it would be taken away to die. If your a child with a birth defect often the father would not step up and raise the child. The children Often had no job to carry out during the preteen years . Girl babies were raise until 14 then the father marries them to a man or really close friend to show the bond between them.
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Roman clothing

Males usually wore togas ,Woman werent allowed to wear togas. With the togas as footwear were opened toed sandals. Women wore a Facia which was basically a bra that tightly grasps around the body.Mamilare is a bound about the bust worn over clothing. The children often wore smaller togas
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That adult male citizens wear only one item of jewelry, a personalized signet ring that was used to make an impression in sealing wax in order to authorize documents. Usually made of iron this jewelry was made out of iron , men could only wear on piece of jewelry.
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