The Team Orange Times

Friday, September 9th

Important Dates

Wednesday 9/14: PLC Early Dismissal (@12:50)

Monday 9/12 - Monday 9/19: Major Saver

Tuesday 9/20: Academic Lab Begins (after school - see below for more info)


  • Please send your student a refillable water bottle daily!

  • Check your child's Daily Folder each night for communication between school and home (papers, homework, etc.)

  • Please communicate any daily transportation changes with the office by 2:00 pm.

Live School

Hopefully everyone has been able to set up their Live School account! You will be able to use this to track your child's accomplishments throughout the year. This will also be used to communicate daily behaviors and extra notes from teachers. If you need assistance with setting up your account, please contact your child's homeroom teacher.

What are we Learning?


In math, we will be continuing Topic 1: Understanding Place Value in math. Here are the concepts that we will be covering in topic one:

  • Rounding whole numbers to the Billions
  • Rounding Decimals to the Thousandths
  • Ordering Decimals from Least to Greatest and Greatest to Least

The Following are concepts for review that will be included in the Topic 1 Assessment:

  • Use exponents to write powers of 10 and find products

  • Read, compare, and round whole numbers and decimals

  • Write whole numbers and decimals using standard form, expanded form, and number names

  • Represent decimals to thousandths as fractions and fractions with denominators of 1,000 as decimals

I plan on testing Topic One over place value on Friday, September 16th.


In science, we have started Intro to Science. Here are the concepts that we will be covering in this topic:

  • Finishing reviewing the scientific method which include testable questions, forming a hypothesis and independent and dependent variables.
  • We will be doing a germ experiment, which we will set up our own experiment using glow germs and different soaps to test handwashing.
  • We will dive into engineering and design, which include a Mentos and Coke lab and several others! I am excited to see the kids creativity during this!



We are continuing to work on building stamina while reading. Our class goal by the end of the year is to read for 35 minutes with NO interruptions! Their reading expectation most nights is to read for 20-30 minutes.

In reading, our first topic of study is making inferences using fiction texts. We will focus on supporting our thinking using background knowledge and text evidence. We will practice creating SMART answers using a formula called RACE (restate, answer, cite, explain). This skill will be used throughout the entire year. This unit will be reported on for quarter one.


For writing, we will be practicing creating strong paragraphs using a topic sentence and many supporting details. Paragraph structure is very important in order to be able to advance in our larger writing pieces. Our first unit of writing will be narrative writing!


We also took our first spelling test today! We have been practicing these words in class all week, and students have been bringing their lists home in their daily folders to study outside of school as well. Although these are not recorded on report cards, it is important for students to try their best and practice having work to do at home. Please continue to encourage your child to study throughout the week!


In Social Studies we are finishing our map skills unit. Once this is completed, we will begin a short review of Native American Regions and Peoples through a group research project. The groups will present their project to the class to share their learning.

We will be covering the following topics this year:

- Colonization

- The American Revolution

- A New Nation

- Westward Expansion

- Civil War

- Industrial Revolution

- WWI and WWII

- Civil Rights Era

- Geography and map skills

- Economics

- Electoral Process

Team Orange Daily Schedule

Barry Handbook 22-23


Ms. Sarah Shoup

5th-Grade ELA and SOCIAL STUDIES - Team Orange

(816) 436 - 9623 ext. 3153

Ms. Ashley Robertson

5th - Grade MATH and SCIENCE - Team Orange

(816) 436 - 9623 ext. 3152