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Rules For Correct E-mail Etiquette

Be aware when sending emails

When sending emails, be aware who you are sending e-mails to the right people and control how many people you send it to as you don't want to send the wrong email to the wrong person while they surely feel the same way about it as it keeps things nice and easy.

Write professionally

When sending or replying to an email, make sure to use proper grammar and stay away from simple communication and slang such as "hey" or "yo", you are working in a professional workplace so act like it.

Careful with humour

When writing an email, you should most of the time be focused on your work and treat it as a serious matter, sometimes you may try to be a bit humorous but this can easily be mistaken or misunderstood so try avoid this.

Replying to emails

In the workplace, you will always have emails sent to you, you need to try to respond to all of your emails to the best of your ability, even if the email wasn't intended for you. This can be done easier by sorting your emails and managing them well

Be safer when sending an email

Always proofread your emails before sending them and make sure there are no visible mistakes as mistakes can easily be made when writing them, be safe and read over it and as a big tip, add the recipient that you are sending the email to when the email has been finalised and finished.

Be friendly when emailing

When emailing people in your workplace, be as friendly as possible as these are the people you are working with and should be getting along with, this makes the workplace a much happier and friendly environment.

Stay on topic

Emailing your work partners has a reason behind it as you should stick to this reason when sending an email as it is best to just stay on topic and don't aimlessly type.

Email or face to face?

Emailing something is much easier and more convenient for sure, but some things should be discussed and sorted in person as not everything should be sent through emails.
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