Reading Comprehension

Learn Why It Is Important!

What is Comprehension?

Reading Comprehension is considered the level of understanding of a text/message. Comprehension helps students to think outside of the box and answer questions that deal with the text as a whole.

Why is Comprehension Important??

U.S. adolescents have few opportunities to be taught advanced reading comprehension; their lack of progress gives a clear idea on how students do (Goldman,2012).

Comprehension allows students to use higher order thinking. Comprehension is important to teach because it strengthens their ability to understand what they read and to not just paraphrase and restate what they read. Students can answer questions about the reading as a whole and not just reword what they read. We want students to think outside the box and predict or use other thinking tools.

Teaching Reading Comprehension,K-2: Predicting,Inferring,Visualizing, Determining Important Content

Ways To Improve Comprehension!

There are many ways to improve reading comprehension. Some ways it has improved is through the Common Core State Standards. Another way reading comprehension can improve is with vocabulary instruction. Students need adequate instruction and knowledge of words in order to understand what they are reading.

Some strategies that can help is the "rap" strategy which can be implemented in any content area and at any grade level. One other strategy could be visualization. These strategies can help with differentiation in lessons and can also be key in helping a student understand comprehension.

Common Core State Standards: A New Foundation for Student Success


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