Class of 2017 Class Council

Election Results


Lauren Lang

My name is Lauren Lang. I am running for Class Councils President for the Class of 2017. Over the past semester, I have worked with Class Councils to organize events such as our class talent show, homecoming, and a karaoke event with the class of 2016. From these experiences, I have learned what it takes to be an effective leader for our class. I also believe I possess the organizational and leadership skills to make our class the best that it can be. I love Cornell, and I love planning events for our class. I hope you will take the time to vote for me for Class President on March 10th. Let’s go out with a bang! Vote for Lauren Lang!

Executive Vice President

Hannah Kim

Hey there 2017!

My name is Hannah Kim and I am running for your Executive Vice President for the 2014-2015 year. I have been an active member of the 2017 Class Council since August and with the council, I planned and helped to bring about class-wide events such as First-Years on Field at our very first Cornell Homecoming Game. While many of you may be just getting to know about our presence on campus, I believe that Class Council can be a powerful group that can connect students through memorable events with the right leadership and teamwork. If elected I will:

1. Maintain and uphold class unity when we no longer will be living together on North

2. Plan and execute large class-wide events, bringing together the diverse communities within our class

3. Establish exciting and unique activities for the Class of 2017 that have the potential to become part of the Cornell Traditions

I love Cornell and I look forward to representing our class. Feel free to contact me with any questions and ideas at

Vice President of Finance

Yezy Lim

Hi, my name is Yezy Lim and I am a a freshman studying Operations Research in the College of Engineering. For this coming semester, I am running to become the Class of 2017’s Vice President for Finance. Previously, I was the Treasurer of National Art Honors Society which was the second largest organization in my high school. I am familiar with the responsibility of keeping track of money and its distribution. Additionally, with my familiarity in accounting and finance, I believe that I will be able to make smart fiscal decisions as the class council decides on where to spend your student activity fees so that you can get the most out of your money. If I become the Vice President for Finance, I hope to make relatively expensive events possible by budgeting your money correctly. I believe that there is a correlation between the amount of money spent on an event and the number of students that attend that event. By making the right decisions regarding money, I will be able to help the class council save money while still spending the necessary amount to make class events successful and fun! By electing me as the Vice President for Finance, you won’t ever have to worry about not getting the bang for your buck!

Vice President for Public Relations

Nabiha Keshwani

Hi! I'm Nabiha (or Nabs for short) and I'm running for VP Public Relations for Class Council. I have been involved in CC 2017 since I came to Cornell and am really excited to take my involvement to the next level. As VP PR, I will ensure that everyone is aware of the CC events that are going on so that we can maximize attendance and truly bond as a class. I'm organized, dedicated, and passionate and will always be willing to everyone's ideas so that we can truly maximize our potential and reach our goals. One of the many events that I helped plan for this Spring semester is our first-annual Class of 2017 formal so definitely be on the lookout for that! Can't wait to see you there and please feel free to always reach out to me with any cares or concerns. Don't forget to Vote for Nabs!

Vice President of Administration

Alyannah Kassam

Hey Class of 2017! My name is Alyannah Kassam and I am running for the position of Vice President for Administration. Since high school, I have been very passionate about student government and I am excited to continue my love of event planning through Class Councils at Cornell. As your Vice President, I plan to make your voice heard by actively engaging the board on your behalf. I am hardworking, motivated, organized and combined with my work as a secretary in high school class council, I have the skillset to be an effective Vice President. I have experience taking weekly minutes, making me familiar with the duties of the VP for Administration. By keeping up to date records, I will be able to monitor how we can improve our events. If elected, I will strive to make our years at Cornell memorable ones, through the wonderful events that will really bond us as a class.