What's Happening

Ms. Walston's 5th Grade Class

Upcoming Dates

October 12: Student Holiday

October 15: Picture Day

October 12-19: District Assessments (End of Nine Week Benchmarks)

October 19 - 23: ITBS and Canned Food Drive

October 29: Field Day - Dress as a superhero

Our "Strong 4 Life" campaign kicked off today. The students will be receiving more information about this soon.


Don't forget to join Class Dojo. We are using this to reinforce positive behavior in the classroom. Students can earn points by being helpful, working hard, and completing homework daily. Students can also lose points for negative behavior. There will be opportunities to earn points as a class in the cafeteria and in specials. On the other hand, the class can lose points too. This program is great for families too especially if you have multiple children. Basically, it replaces the sticker chart that we once used. The app is super easy to use and allows you to customize the behaviors to suit your needs. In order to join and connect, you need a code. The codes were sent home on a 1/4 sheet of paper last week. If you need another one let me know,

Curriculum Corner


This week we will introduce the "Order of Operations." Students will use the acronym "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally," or "Purple Elephants May Destroy A School," to help them remember what order to complete the operations in an expression.

A common error is for students to ALWAYS do the multiplication before the division, but when you get to this step, you do the operation that comes first from LEFT to RIGHT. Please watch the tutorial to help with this error. Students might do this on the addition and subtraction step as well, so be on the look out for this when you are reviewing homework with them.

Please continue to reinforce good homework habits. Students receive a weekly homework packet that reviews the previous week's skills.

Math Antics - Order Of Operations


Next week, we will continue to learn about cells. We will go into more detail about how cells contain DNA. We will discuss learned and inherited traits and the difference between them.

Please check out the "Cells" information on your child's eClass course page for more information about cells.


This week we wrote a compare and contrast paper that analyzed the differences and similarities between a plant cell and an animal cell.