February 24, 2022

Information to share

Ninety-One School

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Dear Ninety-One Community,

Today we received a communication from a community member alerting us to a potentially unsafe situation nearby, within walking distance. We responded by bringing students in from recess, locking all exterior doors and bringing students into classrooms. We then also closed blinds while we further assessed the situation. Law enforcement responded from all directions to evaluate and assured us we were all clear to resume normal activities. We were able to resume normal activities within a short amount of time. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Joanna Tobin, Principal

Important Dates

February 25th School Pride (Blue and Gold) or House Colors Day

March 2nd Late Start Wednesday

March 9th Late Start Wednesday

March 11th No School K-12 Grading/PD Day

March 14th School Board Meeting

March 16th Late Start Wednesday

March 17th No School Conferences on Zoom

March 18th No School

March 21st-March 25th Spring Break