Be Kind to Your Elders

15% of the population is 65 and older. Be kind!

These people are books into the past. What they can tell us could be life changing. We have a responsibility to help our elders in every way possible.

You can be kind to older people by...

Visiting retirement homes in groups or with your friends

These people aren't visited nearly as much as the should be. They enjoy having company and entertainment from people that aren't being paid, especially if thy aren't visited enough. You don't necessarily have to go and see the either. Send them a video, giving them a call, or video chatting with them is just as effective.

Volunteering at retirement homes or just helping elders out in general

Getting older means that what you're able to do is limited. Helping out the elderly helps decrease the chance that they will hurt themselves by trying to pick something up and then falling down the stairs instead(exaggeration), so volunteering can save money and, in some cases, lives. Retirement homes aren't necessarily hard to find either. At least one retirement home is right next to our school.

Treating the with respect and a good attitude

This last one sounds a little cheesy, but we typically don' notice how rude words and annoyed looks drastically affect how someone feels about themselves. Yes, older people are slower, ramble on about when they were younger, and are incredibly needy, but keep in mind that they still have feelings and sometimes saying exactly whats on your mind, hurts.