Source Analysis Assignment

Jules Ferry's Speech

Summary of the speech

Jules Ferry, in 1884, gave a speech to the French Chamber of Deputies to convince them to continue colonial expansion, after he was overthrown by his competitors. This source is classified as a primary source, because it is a speech that was written and given in the time it discusses. From this source we can learn about imperialism. Jules Ferry is saying that higher races have the right to rule over lower races and practice imperialism. He expresses that this is because the higher races have a duty to for fill, to civilize the lower races and countries. This links to Imperialism because Jules Ferry believed that in taking over lower countries such as Madagascar that France can order them and control how they live.

The Picture above shows the French Empire from 1919 - 1939

This Quafter code links to a secondary source that explains some background information about the events leading up to his Speech.
This is a picture of Jules Ferry

An Analysis of the Speech

The source was from Jules Ferry's perspective. He was a french politician so he would think for the benefit of France. I think that the speech was created by Jules to widespread his influence and reputation as well as provide France with more means to gain resources, accommodation, safe harbours, defenses and supply centers. In the text imperialism has been expressed. This has been seen when he said, 'Gentlemen, we must speak more loudly and more honestly! We must say openly that indeed the higher races have a right over the lower races' Jules Ferry, through this he expresses a view that bigger and more important countries have the right to imperialize low and smaller countries to 'perfect' them and civilize them.