What's New in Room 322?

A weekly review

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April 25-29


Mini lessons this week have focused on strategies to solve word problems with different unknowns (start unknown, result unknown, change unknown). At Your Seat stations have been composed of solving Subtraction Detective activities (where students needed to solve three digit subtraction with regrouping problems to find out the answer to a riddle), read the room task cards, and math games (focusing on money, time, and triple digit addition with regrouping). Teacher Choice groups have been a variety of activities to practice skills on an as needed basis. We are working in candy shops, as sports reporters and overall just practicing addition and subtraction until we've nailed it! Something exciting to report is that every math workshop closes with a sharing with partners and to the class about a new strategy they learned, a skill they used, a struggle they faced, or a success they had...seeing the difference in number of struggles shared last week to the number of successes shared this week is awesome! It's hard work...but they should be very proud of the work they're putting into it!

Word Work

Students will take their word work quiz next Friday



Students watched a video on animal and plant life cycles and wrote to report their findings as well as shared their thoughts by writing about the field trip and what they learned.


This week's mini lessons have focused primarily on learning to infer when reading and we have practiced this skill in a variety of different ways. At guided reading stations we have focused on so many skills like word-solving strategies, main ideas/detail, sequencing events, and learning how to answer written comprehension questions more effectively...and more! At independent stations students have been reading choice books and finishing up their animal fact pages and speeches. We presented our dioramas (impressed by the hard work and love that went into these--such a creative class!) by doing a museum walk then using our public speaking skills to teach the class what was learned. Way to go!

Request for Donations!

Next week, I would like to work some activities into instruction for celebrating Cinco de Mayo. It's not a party day by any means, but one thing I would like to do is prepare a Mexican snack for the students to try as well and if anyone would like to donate one/some of these things to the classroom I would more than appreciate it! Please respond by Tuesday evening as I'd like to buy any remaining things by Wednesday.

Here is the link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e084faca722abff2-cinco

Reading Log Reward: ACHIEVED

Mount Readmore has been summited by our 23 second graders! All their reading logs have been recorded and students have been in charge of totaling all the week's reading logs until the number reached 100. As of this week, we have surpassed it! So that means...

Friday, May 6th will be our Reading Reward Day!

On Friday, students may bring a special stuffed animal friend to read with during independent reading time. Please make sure this stuffed animal is not too large (i.e. if it doesn't fit in your backpack...it is probably too large!) so that it does not become a distraction for class time instruction.

Making Terrariums


Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Science

Thursday: Guidance

Friday: Art

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Hiking Persimmon Trail

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Fun Things

In addition to all the learning that has occured this week, students have participated in a lot of fun things!

  • Monday was the JDRF tricycle race where Coach Sam beat all her contenders (to the slight disappointment of our class who seemed to mostly be rooting for Dr. Helf).
  • Wednesday was our trip to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. While it was a hot day with lots of walking, I can say with full confidence that the students had a great time! Students created soft shell terrariums to grow purple heart vine plants. Then we took a guided hike on the Persimmon Trail to talk about and observe nature in different ecosystem/habitats. We got to walk through a meadow, pond, and forest. Then we got to explore the garden and students loved all the uniquely beautiful plants but according to their writings, the favorite portion of this part of the field trip was the fact that I let them walk under the fountain and get wet... ;) We then ate lunch and played outside before returning to school. I received compliments from staff members left and right about the behavior of our kids so I was very proud! They really loved all the exploring.
  • Thursday was Odell's field day--and those kids worked and played hard! We went through stations inside and outside the school like scooter basketball, volleyball, throwing, popsicles, parachutes, obstacle courses, and relay races. It was great to see their competitive sides come across while still working hard as teams. Anytime things got to be even slightly dull I made sure to hype everyone up and before you knew it everyone was encouraging each other and having a blast. We may have been the loudest, sweatiest (and afterwards exhausted) class out there...but I also know we had the most fun :)

Upcoming Odell Events

All details from these events can be found in your month's copy of Draco's Digest.

May 2-Reading 3D Testing Window Begins

May 4- Boosterthon Pep Rally

May 5- Skate Night

May 11- Boosterthon Fun Run / CCG Parent's Night Out

May 18- Family Reading Night

May 23- PTA Meeting

May 24- Chik Fil A Night

May 30 - No School (holiday)

Field Day Pictures

Thanks for the Teacher Appreciation Gifts! I am so honored to teach your children :)