Coaching Classroom

By: Danyell Rector

Math Talk - Why is talking so important??

Mathematics instruction is moving from teacher talk to student talk. Common Core Standards state that kids should provide meaningful explanations and viable arguments to support their mathematical thinking. Teachers are now, not the bearers of knowledge, but instead, they guide and extend students’ thinking as the class listens and learns to accept other students’ ideas (Ball 1993). When students are involved in math talk, meaningful learning takes place.

Five Strategies to Facilitate Meaningful Math Talk

1. Discuss why math talk is important.

2. Teach students how to listen and respond.

3. Introduce sentence stems.

4. Contrast explanation versus justification.

5. Give an example.

If you would like ideas or help implementing meaningful math talk into your classroom let me know!

Growth Mindset

With a fixed mindset, students and adults believe their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits that cannot be changed. They spend their time complaining about how their intelligence or talent limits their success instead of developing them to be more successful. They also believe that talent alone creates success—without any effort. These are the students that say, "I can't do this, it is too hard!", without even trying.......They’re wrong.

With a growth mindset, students and adults believe that their talents and intelligence can be developed through dedication, and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. Having a growth mindset creates a desire to learn and a capacity to work through difficult situations. These traits are essential for great accomplishment and academic success. These are the type of students that persevere through difficult situations and aren't afraid to take risks. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could "train" all of our students to have a growth mindset!

Virtually all great people have qualities of a growth mindset!!