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BPS Summer Tech Training Opportunities

The Tech Trio is providing learning opportunities this summer to provide you the training, support, and most importantly, the time you need to effectively integrate technology into your classroom. The sessions will be relaxed, informal, and focused on your individual needs. Come work and learn about a topic of your choice. Topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Schoology: Basic to Advanced

  • Blended Learning

  • iPads in the Classroom

  • Creating a Global Classroom

  • Becoming a Connected Educator

A CCU will be awarded to anyone who attends two full days of training. If you are planning on attending any of the sessions make sure to register by clicking on the link below!

Click here to learn more information about the trainings and to register!

Hashtags Telling Our Story

One of the most powerful parts of Twitter is the hashtag! It connects people, ideas, and creates communities within Twitter. It is a unique way for our teachers and administrators to share the amazing things happening in our schools, classrooms, clubs, teams and organizations. Our district hashtag, #bpsne, continues to grow and is becoming a powerful tool that we can leverage as a district to connect all of our teachers, students, parents, and community members. We encourage you to continue sharing the great things happening in Bellevue Public Schools!

Thank you for helping us tell our story! Check out the link below to see the pictures that were shared in the #bpsne and #ipadacademy hashtags this school year.

2015-2016 School Year in #bpsne Pictures

2015-2016 School Year in #ipadacademy Pictures

Point of Pride: Apple Chooses Bellevue for Beta Testing

In January, Bellevue Public Schools was chosen as one of five districts in the world to beta test the new iOS software which includes the shared model and classroom app. These two pieces of software add a management component to using the iPads in the classroom. A huge shout out to Julie Rowse and Sandi Lemke at Bellevue West who were the first two teachers to work on this project and to Liz Lambert at Lewis and Clark who is currently piloting this model. The pilot will continue this summer with Lambert and Emily Salie at Leonard Lawrence.

This is the first time Apple has included schools, teachers and students in their beta testing prior to launching it’s software program.

All of this was made possible from years of hard work from many people including Greg Boettger, Director of Facilities and Technology, the Bellevue Public Schools Tech Department, iPad Academy teachers, and District Tech Specialists.

Sizzling Site Visits

In the last month, we have hosted a number of site visits for teachers from Nebraska and Iowa wanting to learn more about our Bellevue Public Schools iPad Academy and the Blended Learning Model. Here are the details of each visit.

  1. On Monday, April 25th, Beth Campbell, Instructional Technology Specialist, from Bettendorf Iowa was in the district to shadow Ann. She had heard about the great things we are doing from Twitter and following our hashtag. She was very complimentary of our district.

  2. On Friday, April 29th, we hosted four educators from Millard Public Schools, Andy DeFreece), Director of Elementary Ed, Curtis Case, Director of Digital Learning, Sheila Bolmeier, Instructional Technology and Angela Daigle, Instructional Technology. The site visit was prompted because Andy read the article Ann wrote for Edutopia on 5 Apps to Transform Learning and Personalized Teaching. They visited Angie Ellis’ classroom at Belleaire to observe a blended math lesson and discussed the details of the lesson with Megan Cinfel at Central Elementary.

  3. The week of May 9, we hosted two more site visits. We had a team in from ESU 10 in Kearney on Tuesday and Bret Anderson from OPS Focus School, Ingra Anderson, Executive Director of the BPS Foundation, and Douglas Zauha from the Archdiocese of Omaha. On Tuesday, the team from Kearney visited Fairview, Lewis and Clark, and Bellevue East. They learned about the classroom app, the agile classroom, and the blended learning model in math and English. The Thursday team visited five of our iPad Academy classrooms at Betz, Central, Lewis and Clark, and Two Springs where they saw the blended math model, a creative math review, station rotation math model, the classroom app and shared iPad model, and coding with Dot and Dash. We even stopped at Belleaire for a quick tour of the student and teacher created mural that is nearly finished.

NETA Conference

NETA delivered another great conference as almost three thousand teachers from across the region came to learn, share, and collaborate during the three day conference that took place a week ago. Once again Bellevue Public Schools represented in a big way as over thirty teachers attended and nine teachers presented on a variety of topics. Shoutouts to BPS NETA presenters: Michelle Boyce, Sharae Geldes, Jennifer Manning, Garrett Sims, and your very own #tt4t team too!

Emily Salie reflected on her experience in this blog post.

Appy Time and Website Tools

1. Apps

Seesaw : This is a powerful tool that allows students to create and share learning in a multi-modal way. Seesaw allows students to write, draw, annotate, add video, audio, and images. It is easy for students to capture, curate, and share their work with their teacher, classmates, and parents. It is free. Set up your class this summer and be ready when school starts.

Canva: This online design program is fantastic for creating graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Presentations, and more. Create an account and connect with your inner artist.

Free Technology Tools for Teachers Livebinder. This Livebinder created by Mickie Mueller, Norfolk Public Schools, is full of great resources for you to explore all summer long.

Summer Learning Opportunity for Teachers and Students

The Silicon Prairie GenCyber Camp, a collaborative effort between the AIM Institute, Bellevue University, and the University of Nebraska at Omaha, is a 1-week combination program to encourage students and teachers in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa to expand their cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and abilities. The camp will provide interactive and engaging instruction designed to promote and develop the types of skills necessary to build next generation information security experts.

This is a day camp which will be held from July 18th to July 22nd on the campuses of Bellevue University and UNO. The camp is open to 25 students entering grades 9 and 10 in fall 2016 and 25 teachers from all grade levels and disciplines. There is no cost to attend the camp.

Information and application is at

Tweet Time--Tweets From Those You Know

Use Twitter to be connected! If you are a tweeter, remember to tag your tweets with #bpsne and #tt4t so more teachers can see what is happening in your classroom. Sharing is the name of the game! Remember there are lots of great chats to explore to connect with others in your content area. Just pull up the hashtag and enjoy the conversation.
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Meet the #tt4t Technology Team

District Technology Trainers

Jeanette Carlson

Twitter: @mrsjcarlson

Ann Feldmann

Twitter: @annfeldmann1

Jeffrey Bernadt

Twitter: @jeffreybernadt

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