September Family Newsletter


Dear Marthasville Students and Families,

What a FABULOUS start to our year! Things here have gone absolutely incredible and I know that the staff would agree- we are so proud of your Blue Jays! Marthasville has implemented new and improved building-wide expectations that revolve around our Blue Jay Pride (see below) and ended the first week with a whole school behavior bootcamp. Each class rotated around the building hearing from a variety of faculty and staff about behavior expectations and ways to show Blue Jay Pride. We ended with popsicles and compliments for awesome behavior. Marthasville teachers and staff appreciate the partnerships we have with our families and community. Thank you for continuously supporting our school! I have a feeling this year is going to be the best yet. Fridays we will show Blue Jay Pride, so feel free to have your child wear blue or any SDOW, MVL, or Blue Jay gear. Our PTG will be pushing out spirit wear order forms! If you ever need help or have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out via email, call, or FB messenger- I am here for you.

Have a spectacular September!

Most Caring,

Mrs. Kristen Daffron


Marthasville Elementary

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Dr. Kephart Communication

Visit the district's homepage to view monthly communication from our Superintendent, Dr. Kephart.

Kephart Communications August 2022

PTG Meetings

PTG Meetings are held once a month at 6:00 (except January and May) in the conference room. We are always looking for new and fresh faces and ideas to support our school!

Here are the dates:

August 23, 2022

September 27, 2022

October 25, 2022

November 22, 2022

NO December Meeting

January 24, 2023

February 28, 2023

March 28, 2023

April 25, 2023

NO May Meeting

June planning meeting (TBD)

No July Meeting

PTG Spirit Wear Info

Please write your child's name and teacher/grade on your spirit wear order forms!

PTG Meeting Minutes

Marthasville PTG Meeting Minutes


Attendance: Mrs. Daffron, Kate Winkelmeier, Jon Logan, Sarah Brewe, Lea Welter, Elizabeth Voss, Stacie Chapman, Cassy Timpe (on phone)

  1. Meeting to order

    1. Time: 6:04pm

  2. Approval of Agenda

    1. 1st - Elizabeth

    2. 2nd - Mrs. Daffron

  3. Approval of Financial Report

    1. Discussed June, July and August funds.

    2. Discussed allocation of funds for 2022-2023.

    3. Approval

      1. 1st - Lea

      2. 2nd - Cassy

  4. Fundraisers

    1. Craft/Flea/Farmers Market Oct 15 8am to 2pm.

      1. Extended the hours after receiving feedback from some vendors.

      2. Will have indoor and outdoor booths. Vendors who have reserved spots have all chosen indoor so far.

      3. George’s BBQ is booked again. Also, we will have a carnival food truck.

      4. Kona Ice is not available.

      5. Lea will lend her snowcone machine. Mrs. Daffron has offered to make the snowcones and sell them for PTG profit. May look into Girl Scouts coming to help for community service.

    2. Movie Night- when do we want to do this Oct?Nov?

      1. Tentatively planning a movie night for November 4, 2022 and February 3, 2023.

      2. Will pick the movies when we get closer.

      3. Student leaders will help. There are 10 of them. May only need 5-6 to sign up for each movie night.

    3. T-shirt sales- when should we start

      1. T-shirt design has been chosen.

      2. We will have short sleeve T-shirts and hoodies available for purchase.

      3. Only one shirt color will be available as it was too confusing last year and had difficulty getting shirts due to low supply.

      4. Will hand out flyers in September and allow 3 weeks to order. Cash or Venmo option. Orders will be done by the beginning of November.

  5. Dine To Donates

  1. Thursday, Sept 15th 2022 Philly's Pizza All day.

    1. Specials will be available.

    2. Dine in will be available, but dine to donate will work for carryout/delivery as well.

    3. Pizza party for the top participating class.


    1. Outdoor Classroom quotes- Jason Schmelz

      1. Quote received from Marthasville Lumber for ~$5600, but they do not install it.

      2. Quote received from another place in Washington, but that information is not available at the time of this meeting.

      3. Benches are done being built, but still need to be stained. Brackets have been ordered. School district carpenter will install the benches when ready to be installed.

    2. Title 1 information- Mrs. Daffron

      1. Presented Title 1 information.

    3. Mr. Logan- Music Request

      1. Will be starting choir back up in a couple of weeks.

      2. Asking for funds to purchase popsicles for a Popsicle party (after school recruitment event). Date: September 7, 2022. Grades: 4th, 5th and 6th.

      3. Approval

        1. 1st - Lea

        2. 2nd - Elizabeth

  2. Reading Night - March 3, 2023 at Washington Middle School.

  3. Close of meeting 634pm

  4. Next meeting is Sept 27, 2022 6pm