FMS Staff Focus

April 10th, 2016

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Dear FMS Staff,

Happy Sunday! Hope you are all well! There's a lot to check out in the newsletter. Monday is #LoveMySchool day...a chance to tell the world why our schools rocks! Get your tweet on to showcase the amazing that is FMS!

Attendance is slowly moving up, as well. Thanks for you help in encouraging students to be here. The biggest encourager is creating those amazing learning opportunities that keep them running back for more.

Student-led conference prep is Monday. I've attached a guiding doc to help with this. Sheets to use with kids are in the lounge. I've also challenged the kids to hit 90% attendance and that I would spend the night in the trophy case. The Wonder Woman pj's are ready to go!! Let's do this!

Congrats to Tressa Maddux for being named Stellar Staff for 4th quarter! Awesome!

Also, a big HIP, HIP, HOORAY to Jan and Tasha for being named the recipients of the Pierce STEM grant! Lots of great things happening at FMS for sure!

Have a GREAT week,


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Attendance Updates

Average Daily Attendance: 95.43%

% of Students here 90% of the time: 89.4% MORE GROWTH! WOOHOO!

Next Week at FMS

All Week: track, intramural football

Monday-Getting Ready For Conferences (see below)

#CelebrateMonday, #LoveMySchoolDay

Steve out-Yates subbing

Tuesday-Team Tuesday, Track meet HOME, Harmony Hornets

Wednesday-Student-led Conferences Round 1, BOE meeting (honoring Tressa for Stellar Staff and Jan and Tasha for Pierce grant, come by after conferences if you can)

Thursday-Broadcasting Club, Stuco Work Sessions, RTI focus team


HOOK OF THE WEEK! The Picasso Hook

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist one he grows up." Picasso

  • How can I incorporate art into this lesson?
  • What can my studetns draw or make that would help them understand and retain this information?
  • Can they make some kind of non-liguistic representation of the material? (A photography project or 3-D art, for example)
  • Can they create visuals of key information as a way to review for the upcoming test?
  • Can they design word pictures in which the way the word is written reveals its definition?
  • Can I create an art-based option that students could choose instead of another assignment?

From TLAP pg 96

Other Information and Dates

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End of the Year Special Dates

We will be adding more events as they are scheduled:

Tuesday, May 17th:

1:00-2:30-8th Grade Awards and Celebration**Updated**

Wednesday, May 18th:

8th Grade Field Trip-all day

8:45-9:45-7th Grade Awards

10:15-11:15-6th Grade Awards

Thursday, May 19th:

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! 2 hour early dismissal

FMS Summer Celebration/Field Day (more details soon!)

8th grade dance and color run-->WOOHOO!

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