By Tobin Whittle

Theme: Responsibility

  • Sounder had responsibility because he had to hunt and catch food for his master. So the master could feed his family. The mother had to take care of the farm and family when the father went to jail. The father took responsibility when the police came he went with them. He didn't struggle he just went with them. The boy had to come home during the summer to make money for his family. So that his family wouldn't lose their house.


  • Martin Luther King Jr. Fought for his rights and he also fought for other people's rights. He wanted everyone to be the same and equal. He wanted Africans Americans to have to same rights as whites.

  • He wanted and fought for things, that he wanted. It takes responsibility to fight for things you want. You have to be responsible and take a stand for what you want. He fought for freedom and slavery so that things would be fair even if you where African American. It was not fair to treat them different.

Dog and Master

  • Guy tells his dog to stay on the couch until master gets back from work 8 hours later. He sets a GoPro up and leaves. When he gets back the dog is still sitting on the couch and the guy takes his dog outside. They have a special relationship because the guy tells the dog to stay and the dog does what the guy says. They both listen to there master's and does everything that the master says. The dogs both have a master. The master’s both love their dogs a lot and love to play with their dogs.

Father, Daughter, Dog

  • They both had dogs that liked their master very much. Both of the masters had died, then shorty after the master's die the dogs both died. The daughter got the dog from a shelter The father in sounder didn’t get the dog from the shelter. The master's both die but the master in Father, Daughter, Dog he was really old. The master is Sounder was younger but he was really hurt.

Anticipation Guide

  • Some people can’t afford school. Like other people their are poor kids who can't afford it. Some people have to work instead for food in order to live and they don't have time to go to school and learn. Some towns are so poor that they don't even have schools.