Glen Acres Library Happenings

Second Trimester 2017-18 Volume 1, Edition 2


The 4 Cs are hard at work in the GAE Library! Everyday students utilize the 21st Century skills: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. Read ahead to see what we've been doing!
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GAE's Paws for Books Spring Book Fair coming soon!

*Students will attend preview and shopping days on their regularly scheduled library days and times.

Student Preview Days: 4/25-Day 2, 4/26-Day 3, 4/27-Day 4, 4/30-Day 1

Student Shopping Days: 5/1-Day 2, 5/2-Day 3, 5/3-Day 4, 5/4-Day 1

Family Night: After school to 8:00 PM

We will be participating in the "All for Books" program again this year.

Last year I wore a snake around my neck! I will do anything to promote reading!

This year, we will have two collection containers: Cats or Dogs...which pet is your favorite?

Students, parents, and staff can donate their extra coins/bills for this worthy cause.

If cats win....Mrs. Howe (a dog lover) has to dress as a cat all day long!

If dogs win....Mrs. Congialdi (Mommy to three Cats) has to dress as a dog all day long!

Send in printed pictures of your children reading to their pets. we will post them around the school to promote the fair. Illustrations welcomed as well!

The fair gets very busy, and we can use many volunteers! A sign up genius and book fair home page will be available soon. There are new registers this year, so some training may be necessary.

A new feature offered is called e-wallet. You can put money in an account for your child, instead of sending in cash/checks! More info to follow!

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Kindergarten Projects

We read and discussed many books, as well as learned facts on PebbleGo, about Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. Students were introduced to the concept of the fractured fairy tale. We read The Three Snow Bears and used a Venn diagram to compare it to the traditional fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Students had so much fun practicing their coding skills while learning how to maneuver our Bee Bot robots.

We reviewed character, setting (where/when), and problem & solution with winter themed books. Students explored biographies of African Americans on PebbleGo. We discussed Martin Luther King, Jr., and students wrote facts about him. After reading the book The Branch, students were challenged to find the potential in their branches. They designed and labeled, before actually creating their masterpieces. Kindergarten - The Branch

Students used the PicKids app to create Word family Dr. Seuss hats. Rhyming with Word Families Next, we learned how to use the app, Enigma, to read QR codes. The QR codes led us to Dr. Seuss stories on YouTube. Students were very successful at navigating through our library page to the BookFlix app. There, they independently chose fiction and nonfiction paired text to explore.

First Grade Projects

We discussed the holidays, Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, while sharing personal experiences and reading many wonderful stories. Students practiced their coding skills while using and our Bee Bot robots.

Next, students reviewed the difference between fact and opinion in preparation for our Polar Animal research. Using the PebbleGo database, students wrote facts about their animals' body, habitat, food, life cycle, and interesting information. After drawing realistic illustrations, students recorded their facts, to create a class book on the My Story app. Besselman, Breeden, Davis, Primus

Students explored the biographies section of PebbleGo to find a person to research. They learned when their subjects were born, their occupation, and why they were remembered. Next, students learned how to save pictures to the iPad camera roll. They loaded those pictures on the Chatter Kid app, drew slits across the subjects' mouths, and recorded their facts in first person. Wait until you see the results! Besselman, Breeden, Davis, Primus

Second Grade Projects

Students began the second trimester by finishing their Underground Animal PowerPoints. Brunner, Diamond, Rude, Rupsis We practiced our coding skills, using, and it was a blast putting our new Dash robots through driving school!

Next, students researched aspects of life "Then and Now" (clothing, communication, farming, food, games, homes, school, and transportation). They looked at one specific aspect and how it changed through the time periods, U.S. Colonies, The Frontier, Early 1900's, The 1950's, and Today. Using their graphic organizer as a guide, students created individual Popplets to organize and display their research. Brunner, Diamond, Rude, Rupsis

Finally, students began their biography study. They have completed their research and are presently working on their digital books in the Book Creator app. Some books are ready to view, others will become available soon. Diamond, Rude, Rupsis, Brunner

Third Grade Projects

Third Graders completed their Animal PowerPoints at the start of the second trimester. Barnett, Gulli, Keenan, Tustin Using the Dash Blockly app, students were able to code our Dash robots to move, speak, flash, etc.

Students were introduced to a variety of realistic fiction book series. We practiced finding "just right" books for their "Book Jacket" book report, completed in the classroom/at home.

Students were able to interact with our online Nearpod Traditional Literature lessons. They were actively engaged while learning the similarities and differences between Fairy Tales, Fables, and Tall Tales. Students were never so happy to take quizzes at the conclusion of each lesson!

Finally, using books and various databases, students researched a person of interest.

They practiced writing in first person, as they wrote speeches in the voices of their subjects.

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Fourth Grade Projects

Students learned the difference between primary and secondary sources. We visited a site that displayed 29 views of Philadelphia in 1800 (engraved plates), 1960 (B&W photos), and 2000 (color photos). Ask your child about slide 26, Pennsylvania Hospital. Birch's View of Philadelphia Next, we practiced our coding skills while experimenting with our Dash robots.

Students shared their knowledge of the regions of Pennsylvania, while creating digital pamphlets in the Book Creator app. Maps, major cities, places of interest, goods and services, land forms, natural resources, climate, and history of the individual regions were explored. Axt, Bowen, Runzer

Fifth Grade Projects

During the second trimester, fifth graders finished their genre iTrailers. Ousey, Peterson, Rogers, Wood

Students continued the GAE tradition by writing and delivering "Silver Packages", letters of thanks, to those in the GAE school community that inspired them in some way. Next, students practiced their coding skills using our Dash robots. Students learned the difference between primary and secondary sources, and enjoyed analyzing examples.

After reading the book Twenty One Elephants and Still Standing, students designed and created bridges that could withstand substantial weight (dictionaries). Bridge Design Challenge Slideshow

Students researched people of interest and created digital biography books on the Book

Creator app. Some books are ready to share, others will be completed soon. Ousey, Peterson, Wood, Rogers

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Author Visit - Gene Barretta

Our author visit with Gene Barretta has been postponed to May 7, 2018. Below is a link to his website. After reading and discussing some of his books, we are anxiously awaiting his arrival! Gene Barretta's Website

GAE Reading Olympics Team

Our 15 GAE Roaring Readers have read 112 books since October. These dedicated readers are book talking, taking notes on story elements, quizzing each other, and practicing for the competition in May.

GAE Cardboard Club

After much planning, designing, building, testing, and retesting, we could say, without a doubt, the Cardboard Club was a total success! Club members should be very proud of their dedication and hard work! As promised, our cardboard arcade games were on display, just in time for GAE's Spring Fair. As you can see below, fun was had by all throughout the engineering process and at our Fairy Tale Spring Fair.

GAE Library Stats

Even with all the snow days...

12,484 books were checked out

1,568 books were renewed

We love to read!!!

Mrs. C's Professional Development

Mrs. Congialdi lead two GAE Staff professional development sessions on iTrailer instruction. She also lead a GAE Staff professional development session on available databases.