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Welcome Back Edition 2018

Livonia PTSA Council EB & General Membership Meeting

When: Wednesday, September 19th 6 pm

Where: LPS Central Office, Conference Room A (upstairs) - 15125 Farmington Rd.

We will discuss and vote on our budget. Here updates from Mrs. Oquist and our elementary and secondary representatives. We will also discuss an over view of the year.

All are welcome to join us for both meetings!

Save the Date!

Livonia PTSA Council Meet & Greet

When: Monday, October 15th

Time: 5:45 pm

Location: LPS Central Office, Conference Room A (upstairs) - 15125 Farmington Rd.

Join us on October 15th at the LPS Board Office and be introduced to the Superintendent of Livonia Public Schools, members of the LPS Administration, School Board Officials, Council officers and fellow PTA officers! Board Office Administration will give a brief introduction and explain their role in the school district. Livonia PTSA Council will also have an executive board meeting following the meet & greet.

We hope you will take this opportunity to put a face with a name!

Who has the most PEP??

The PTA/PTSA Excellence Program — better known as PEP — provides PTA/PTSA units with a way to streamline unit requirements and provide a points system for units who complete the required tasks. PEP helps your unit stay in good standing and encourages unit growth and participation. There are monthly PEP requirements along with those due by October 1st:

o Submit signed copy of Bylaws Acknowledgement form (found on MH-unit presidents hub)

o Submit signed copy of Financial Best Practices form(found on MH-unit presidents hub)

o Submit Unit Calendar of activities and meetings

o Submit Reflections Chair contact info

Whenever you are sending council or MI PTA a document or submitting something that is part of the PEP program please cc the following email address -

Please check the PEP spreadsheet throughout the year and make sure that you are getting points for the things you should be getting points for, don't wait until the end of the year. Every month we will upload a current view of the PEP spreadsheet onto the website.

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Membership Dues & Member Hub

September is the first month that most units will pay Michigan PTA and Council membership dues.

To pay your membership dues to council all you need to do is use the Membership form, found on Member Hub or the Council website, and remit $.50 per member to council. Please mail a copy of the form and payment to the address listed on the form. We DO NOT need a copy of your membership roster. Council must receive this by the 28th so leave time for mailing.

To pay your membership dues to MI PTA, this year you have 2 options. You can mail MI PTA a check like you have done in the past with a form. ($5.50 per member) New Address:

Michigan PTA
P.O. Box 510535
Livonia, Michigan 48151

Or you can pay your dues online thru Member Hub. There is a new button in the admin console called STATE PAYMENTS. Your President or Treasurer can pay dues for all members entered during that month (online members and check/cash members) by clicking on the Send via echeck button. There is a $1.00 fee to do this.

If you have questions about this please let us know so we can help you.

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Liaison Assignments for 2018-2019

Here are the Council Liaison assignments for 2018-2019! Consider your liaison your PTA best friend! Contact them for all of your PTA questions and advice. If they don't have the answer, they can find it for you!

Buchanan |Robb Drzewicki |

Churchill | Rebecca Lenk |

Cleveland | Debbie Yates |

Coolidge |Donna Blauet |

Cooper | Amanda Gerstenbrand |

Emerson |Kellie Dummer |

Franklin |Kellie Dummer |

Frost |Melissa Kachaturoff |

Grant |Amanda Walworth |

Hayes | Donna Blauet |

Holmes | Robb Drzewicki |

Hoover |Debbie Pline |

Jackson Ctr |Amanda Walworth |

Johnson |Donna Blauet |

Kennedy |Lynda Scheel |

Niji-Iro |Debbie Pline |

Randolph |Robb Drzewicki |

Riley | Melissa Kachaturoff |

Roosevelt | Kellie Dummer |

Rosedale |Sara Bennett |

Stevenson | Rebecca Lenk |

Webster | Debbie Pline |

Reflections 2018 -2019

Theme - Heroes Around Me

This web page will continue to be our official location for documentation you need to participate. But we have a Facebook page, which we’ll use to post reminders. Please follow us!

Website is UPDATED!

Debbie has updated our council website to include only the most up to date information. Use the website and our Council Member Hub page as a reference for documents to help you run your school PTA/PTSA.

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About us...

The Livonia PTSA Council is a group of 22 local PTA/PTSA Units within the Livonia Public Schools District. The Council is organized under the authority of the Michigan PTA for the purpose of promoting conferences, communications, leadership development and coordination of the efforts of the local Units.