interesting facts

APLAC period 1, daniel

Purple is a royal color

King George the 3rd had porphyria, which led this madness as well as purple feces. No joke.

What's higher education?

Patrick Henry, the famous orator and patriot, did not go to high school nor college. But let's not follow in his lead this time.

Revolution with a high chance of guillotine

The American revolution directly influenced the French Revolution, well, other than the be-headings. The same principles of liberty and freedom were used as motivators in this revolution.

What's common sense?

Common sense was published anonymously, as it went against the British pre revolution. This book caused lots of attention and was partly the reason that the people were so ready to fight

That's not a massacre

The boston massacre only killed 5 people, and wasn't very much of a massacre. Plus, the soldiers were scared as they were being abused.