Sleeping Brain Cells

By: Alyssa Grover

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is a grey greenish mixture of Cannabis sativa. Marijuana is a drug that is often called pot, reefer, grass, weed, herb, Mary Jane, or MJ. Marijuana is the third most used drug in America. More than 100 million people use marijuana. Also, 25 million Americans smoked marijuana in the past year. Marijuana is also used for medical issues. Over 400 to 500 chemicals are in marijuana products.

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Marijuana's Description

Marijuana are dried leaves that are brown but were green before. They are also mixtures of dried sticks and dried flowers. The leaves are cut up. The plant is grown in-doors.

Side Effects

Marijuana has many side effects. Marijuana can cause, low blood pressure, anxiety, confusion, reddened eyes, and restlessness. Smoking Marijuana can cause panic attacks. If you have low blood pressure and decide to smoke marijuana, your blood pressure and decrease even more. Your heart rate will become faster than it already is. If you're worried about your weight and decide to smoke marijuana, your appetite will increase. There are many things that could effect you if you smoke marijuana.
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Customers of Marijuana

Almost 25 million Americans use marijuana in the past year. Over 40% of high school students in the United States, have used marijuana atleast once in their life. And 20% use marijuana everyday. Most tourists who visit the United States have purchased an eighth of an ounce every transportation.

Types of Marijuana

There are many types of marijuana if you think about it. Such as , white widow, big bud, bubblegum, hollands hope, vortex, special queen, silver haze, and cinderella 99. There are many more types of marijuana but these are the most common types.
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Marijuana Myths

There are many myths told about marijuana in the world. Some myths that are told are, marijuana is completely harmless, using marijuana can lead to crimes, and Holland and Portugal has legalized marijuana. There are many more myths about marijuana.

Affects The Brain

Marijuana affects many things in the body , such as, the brain. After smoking large amounts of marijuana, it affects the parts of the brain that controls memory, learning and attention.
Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana


Cannabinoid is the drug class where marijuana belongs. There are other drugs that are also in the group as well. Such as, Nabilone, and Tetrahydrocannabinol. The most common drug to be found in this drug group, is marijuana.