Gastornis Obituary

The "Terror Bird"

The Gastornis, a beautiful, magnificent creature, has sadly recently just passed away forever. The Gatornis, also known as the diatryma. was a giant, flightless bird that may be a descendant of a chicken. It lived from 55-45 million years ago, during the late Palocene to mid-Eocene Period. Although its cause of extinction from our Earth, is not known, this specie has disappeared from the face of the planet. Now, no one will ever see “Gusto the Gastornis” ever again. Gusto is supposedly part of the galloseres family, with relatives like the waterfowls, chickens, and ducks.

What Gusto Looked Like

The Gastornis was built like a bird-shaped T-Rex, with similar features. This included strong legs, short arms, a thick neck, and a very powerful beak. It also held tiny wings, but were of no use since Gusto was too large to take flight, standing a towering six feet.

Gusto's Diet

Gusto munched on all sorts of critters, eating whatever it could find. Its strong but small legs did not let Gusto run fast, so he adapted an ambushing style of catching food. Slowly, the large bird would sneak up on its prey. From a distance, he would spring and attack. This approach would make it a carnivore. Recent research may have given new insight into their diet. Gusto’s beak was built like one that may have been meant for cracking nuts and seeds, not chewing on flesh. Also, the Gastornis had blunted toes, unlike the vicious talons of more carnivorous species. The most recent study has labeled Gusto as a herbivore, or maybe even an omnivore.

Where Gusto Lived

Gusto lived all around the world. He was seen to be trotting around North America, in current day Canada, and the United States of America. Also, Gusto inhabited Western Central Europe, in the countries of England, Belgium, France, and Germany. It wandered around in the forests, which were mainly tropical or sub-tropical.
Walking With Beasts Creatures - Gastornis
Gusto will forever be in our memories. His impact on this Earth is greatly appreciated by everyone on it. Live long the Gastornis!
Written by Andrew S. T3

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