The Last Dog on Earth

By: Daniel Ehrenhaft

What is this book?

This book, The Last Dog on Earth, is by Daniel Ehrenhaft, author of Ten Things to do Before I Die and 21 Proms. I would put this book in the genre of Realistic Fiction because what happened in the book could happen in real life, but it hasn't. Also, this book was Copyrighted in 2003.

Come buy this book!

This book will keep you awake at all times of the day. It is full of excitement, and it is very anticipating, it keeps getting more and more interesting until the end of the book. This book is great for dog lovers but, dog lovers, might wanna grab some tissues for the end.

Logan Moore

Logan Moore is a 14 year-old boy whom lives in Newburg, Oregon. He lives with his mom and his step-dad, Robert. Logan is a very independant boy, and he likes to do things without anyone knowing - especially Robert. Robert wants to get Logan a dog, thinking that a dog will change his behavior. His emotions will swing a lot in this book - from anger to excitement. From sadness to frustration. He and Jack's bond becomes closer than ever. They become like glue, the only thing that Logan had ever cared for or....loved.


Jack was born out in the woods, with her brother, mother, and the rest of her pack. But her mother died right in front of her and her brother. Jack is a very strong and protective dog. While Logan was at bootcamp, Robert locked her down in the basement. She dug her self out of the basement to go find Logan. They got along so well. They had plenty of things in common but one thing in particular - they both hate Robert.
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Main Conflict

The main conflict in this book is how the POS or psychotic outbreak disease, roams the nation that started in dogs, and could affect humans. Is there a way to stop the killing diesease POS, or is that just the end of the dog species? Read the book to find out.