Canada in 2060

Created by Ian Jacobs


Canada as of now is a peaceful area being the second largest country. It appeals to more people as a great place to live with its multiculturalism and great immigration system Canada may be the best place to live.

In this smore I will be focusing on how Canada will look like in the year 2060 in terms of population growth, Birth & Death rate, immigration rates and condition, and how the aboriginals will be effected in the future. I hope this brings insight on to what the future of Canada will hold.

Birth and Death Rate

In Canada at the moment the birth rate is around 11 birth's per every 1000 people and the death rate is around 7 people per every 1000 people.

Now what we could be expecting for 2060 would be harder than usual to predict because over the past years the birth rate in Canada is decreasing for example, please view the following chart.

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This chart shows Canada's birth rate per 1000 people in different time periods. As you can see the birth rate is much higher than it was in 1995 from 2010. The difference might be low but in more current data the number of birthrate is still decreasing.

Now the death rates are now again increasing to sort of match the birth rate in terms. In more updated data (Can't be shown) the death rate dose decrease slightly but dose loo like that the period of low death/birth rate may show up in 2060

Transition Diagram

Canada is following the path of a certain chart known as the "Classic Phases of Demographic Transition" this chart shows the pathways of some country's in the world. Here is the chart
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In the chart you can see 4 different phases 1 2 3 4. At the moment you can see that we are phase #3 but in the righter side of phase 3 almost to phase 4. This relates back to the first chart as it said that the birth rate and death rate are lower but more together with each other as this chat clearly shows that that is the path we are heading possibly in 2060 just like Germany and Brazil, Japan all have done.

Population Growth

In Canada now the population is around 36 million people. Now the population growth that we could be expecting may be far more greater than anticipated (Even with the low birth rates). So please watch the video below for more info on Canada's growing population as well as other county's data for comparison.
Population pyramids: Powerful predictors of the future - Kim Preshoff
In the video it showed us the population pyramids for not just Canada but more countries so that we can see how different benefactors impact these charts and how population may either decline of increase according to the data present.


Immigration in Canada at the moment is very good may as well be the best in Canada for reasons like it makes up for almost 20% of our overall population. But in the future will these still be in effect? Take look at this chart
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This chart shows the immigration rates from 1911 to 2031 giving us an idea of what the immigration rate will look like in the coming years. As you can see the population starts off increasing as European settlers settle in Canada making it. As more time goes by Canada became more of an industrial country and the immigrants started to slow.

But since then there have been more reasons to leave there home country to a more safer country like Canada and as more and more people decide to leave there home they do. This becoming more and more frequently throughout the world so as they years go by more immigrants will move to Canada as you can see by the predictive chart

So I do think that the immigration will rise higher as the years go by in Canada.

First Nations

Some of the first nations groups have been living in reservations designed specifically for there habitats. While others are just living normal lives in Canada are sometimes faced with racial profiling some random accusations and more.

In the year 2060 since there is more civility towards the first nations people of Canada many things will be different like more options for natives to be a real part of civilization meaning there will be less discrimination and rumour's about the natives and they will be seen in more jobs that are beneficial to our country's well being

The reservations that are specifically for these natives would be taken care of while at the same time be reflecting on what the native culture really is and what is dose while acting upon Canada.

My life in 2060

What will I be doing in the year 2060 of my life as a 60 year old person? Take a listen

Ian Jacobs

My life in 2060 by Ian Jacobs


As you can see the future of Canada has a lot in store for us from new birth and death rates to different population growths and more aboriginal support we have a lot to look forward to when Canada reaches year 2060.