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The Week Ahead for the Week of November 16- November 20



Grade Level PLC

Admin PLC

Pork Chop Residency Begins- Fish Bowl Room

1-3 ADEPT Training- Campbell

3-4 Supt. Focus group-Campbell


Staff Meeting

Support Staff Luncheon- Conference Room


Grade Level PLCs

Dr. Pew's Classroom Visit

Terrific Kid Ceremony

Progress Reports to go home

2:45 PST meeting

Juneteenth Meeting- City Hall Campbell


Chamber of Commerce Education Breakfast....Morgan and Campbell to attend

Elementary Principals' Meeting

2:45 IEP


Pork Chop Assembly

9:00-9:30 Balser, Kirkpatrick, Thompson, Gr. 1 and Gr. 4
9:40-10:10 Hollingsworth, Ahl, Gr. 2 and Gr. 3

School Spirit Day

Dr. Pew Classroom visits

Dr. Pew has begun her classroom visits for this school year. She is scheduled to visit OPES Wednesday, Nov. 18th from 9-11.

Curriculum Corner

Time Conscience

Time is something that we don't ever seem to have enough of.....
We have to make the best use of the time we have. One way to do that is to being present and on time for work, meetings, lunch, specials, etc........
Being on time is particularly important when other people depend on our promptness

For the past couple of weeks we have been working on attendance plans for students with excessive tardies/absences. In my conversations with parents/students I've stressed how important it is to be present and on time. When students come in late, they often play "catch up" for a good portion of the day.

This isn't the typical curriculum corner but it is related to the curriculum.
We all can use a reminder regarding time and effectively using the time we have.
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