Where the Hobbit could have been located

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Middle Earth is in China?

China is where the hobbit could have been located, it has busy streets, amazing delicacies, and loads of warm and helping people. But, near the more rural areas, there are gigantic mountains, fresh air, and rivers so clear you can see the bottom. You feel free.

The language the people speak there is mainly mandarin and Cantonese, two types of the same language. Even though they sound the same to foreigners, trust me, we cannot understand each other one bit.

Culture in China is really vivid, and overall really enjoyable. Take Chinese new years for example. Dragon dancers litter the streets, swaying and dipping the dragon on their heads to the beating drums and the loud music. The people on the streets to either sides cheer and yell for them to continue on, their faces alight and red with excitement. Concession stands at the far corners sell candy animals, small drums, and traditional Chinese foods. Everyone is laughing, everyone is with family, and it is a great night for all Chinese people.

Why is China "middle earth" ?

China is really a great place, but how does it relate to middle earth? Well, take a look at the pictures below. China, in more rural areas, is filled with mountains and never ending plains of grass with thousands of braying sheep scattered on it. In the real hobbit film, the set was located in the Netherlands, where there are also a lot of mountainous regions and widespread plains. So, their geographical feature are practically the same, except, well they are two totally different countries with totally different religions and backstories.

my region is best because...

My region is the best suited to Middle Earth because it has a lot of mountains, lakes and meadows as seen above in the picture gallery. The weather is also similar to Middle Earth, unbearably hot in the summer, freezing cold in the winter. China, in other words, is like a second Middle Earth. Maybe even better if they decided to shoot there!

Wanna find out more about China?

China is an amazing country filled with loads of interesting foods and amazing creatures, but there is more than China to just what I've explained above. Check out more here!
The capital of China, Beijing.

In conclusion...

In conclusion, China's rural areas are the most like middle earth because it doesn't just represent part of it, it represents all of it, all the way down to the lush grass and the tiny insects. China is an amazing place, the urban areas like Beijing filled with shopping centers and malls, and the rural areas representing another image of middle earth. If the director of the films didn't choose New Zealand as it's shooting spot, China would have worked just as well.
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