How to make a good first impression

By Vasil Schur

A Good Impression

Making a good impression is the first crucial step at getting a job or meeting someone important

1. Dress appropriately

All businesses big and small usually like it when you dress nicely, don't over due it but dress as you would going to a diner or church, Don't wear anything with holes and dirty.
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2. Give a firm handshake

When you enter for an interview it is always a good idea to give a firm handshake, not only does this make you more likely to get the job it makes you seem more professional. Make sure when giving the handshake you look them in the eye
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3. Be on time

Its important to be on time or even better early, being early or ontime to your job is that Bosses look for they don't want anyone that comes in late or tired.
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4. Be yourself

Being yourself is important, don't be fake, no one wants someone who is not there self. Be yourself and tell the Job interviewer somethings about you, show your weaknesses and good qualities
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5. Let them know your interested

If you want to make a good impression let them know you are interested, ask questions be attentive and maintain eye contact, Fold your hands on your lap and remember to turn off your cell phone