Andress Orchestra

Update: Rehearsals & Concert

Important: Rehearsal Schedule Changes!

Due to the number of students informing me that they cannot make it to morning orchestra rehearsals because of the unavailability of rides or buses arriving late, the orchestra rehearsal schedule has changed. We will avoid having morning rehearsals of the full orchestra from now on.

This week's schedule has now changed. We will have two rehearsals this week:

  • 1. Tuesday after school from 3:45pm - 5pm in the orchestra room
  • 2. Wednesday after school from 3:45pm to 5pm in the orchestra room.

Morning rehearsals this week have been canceled due to poor attendance.

Please make time and be at the afternoon rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday!

This week's schedule at a glance:

Tuesday - 4pm to 5pm - Rehearsal

Wednesday - 4pm to 5pm - Rehearsal

Thursday - 5:30pm - Call time for concert

Thursday - 6:00pm - Concert in the main gym

Concert dress is semi-formal (does not have to be all black).

You will be dismissed after the orchestra performs.

Thank you!

Parents, thank you for your patience as the rehearsal schedule has changed. I realize that changing rehearsal schedules means changing schedules for you too. If after school rehearsals work better, as I hope they will, we will work towards more consistent rehearsals and advance notice will always be given so that you can plan around these times. Please continue to encourage your student to practice daily and prepare for all concerts and in class assignments.

Luke Franco, Director

Please check regularly for news, updates, rehearsal schedules, class assignments, and events concerning the orchestra program. Thanks!