Upon Searching for American Values

Labour Unions

Labor strikes started as early as the 1820's in America. In 1834, National Trade Union founded in New York and then many more organizations were to come. I like this representation of America because it is a strong example of American will for social justices.


Child Labor Laws

Child Labor Laws are a symbol of American Compassion. While the government and the people of the United States work together to create a better environment for future generations during the trying times of the industrialization era.


Expansion of the Melting Pot

I am proud that we are such a diverse country in cultures and that we were a home for refugees and a place for redemption to millions of foreigners during the immigration era. Our country served as a beacon of hope people who had given up in their native lands.



I am not proud, however, that former Americans during the immigration period were judgmental and ignorant to change in that they were blinded by a pride to accept that people in great need of a home were coming to America - did they weaken the country at all? If you ask me America is stronger for it's cultural diversity.


Chinese Exclusion Act

On May 6th 1882, the West Coast was prone to attribute significant declining wages and economic illness which were blamed on the Chinese immigration of the time period. The fact is this is a bad representation of the American Values which determine that everybody is important as an individual. So why are the Chinese being treated any less because of a coincidental economic occurrence? Why would they rationalize such an ignorant proposal in favor of an race already made of misfits?


Conservation Movement

This Movement was written at a time period when people really didn't have respect for the environment and so it revolutionized the way people lived in American. Soon the rest of the world followed.


Women's Suffrage

Alice Paul is among the many reasons that women have rights today. She was the driving force for the 19th amendment. She went to great lengths to ensure that women get the same rights as men. I am proud of her for helping to create the world I live in today where women can have any profession they want.


Panic of 1893

A serious economic depression caused by problematic banks and government bad judgement. This was sure to issue a trust deficiency between the people and the government. But as always America founds it was back to good times.



The first photograph were developed in 1840, during the industrial/ urbanization period, and so it revolutionized how people lived. Photography is something truly amazing.



Radios, Vacuum cleaners, cars were all invented around the progressivism time period. And many people were very resistant to change but as generations come and go people began to see how important change can be the evolution of man. Along with invents also came the Sciences such as Psychology which originated during this time period.


Monroe Doctrine

This is one of the most well known American foreign policy agreements in History. I think it was too risky because while America was trying to father these Latin American countries, how were we to know if they could be trusted. It just these types of agreements are to fragile with lack of conditions.


Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand was a idealist who moved from Russia to America in order to exercise independence in speech. She introduced futuristic sci-fi ideas about a world of tyranny of which was a satire that supported American Beliefs.


Expeditiary Force

This "Force" sustained the United States as a World Power and gave credibility to the outcome of the war which gave them some authority in the treaty that ended it. I think this was a highly smart move on America's part.


The Veto of the Treaty of Versailles

This was stupid. America preaches supporting other countries and peace but this ignorant act just mad people mad and resentful and lead to WW2.


Home Front Support during WW1

I am proud of the American People because they were able to raise a surplus of money during the trying times via bonds to support the war efforts. Its just so nice.