My Classroom Observations

Observing at the Wichita Collegiate School

1st Hour - Geometry

Warm up is up ready for when the students arrive. The teacher has soft motivational music in the background. The teacher is good at multi-tasking. The teacher color codes the work.

Teacher answers homework questions as students grade their own assignments on the computer.Teacher demonstrates different perspectives, and shows how new way makes it easier.

Provides positive feedback for correct work. The internet is down momentarily, but teacher has a quick backup with the overhead projector. Teacher reviews quiz and explains

the Calculator work. This is good for kinesthetic learners

Student discovers concepts by calculation

6th Hour - Pre-Calculus

Teacher begins a new section and lists objectives on the projector. Teacher uses projector to show work. The teacher relates topics to previous math topics covered. This is a quiet class. Teacher derives Pythagorean identities - awesome! The teacher lets students know that even though it looks difficult they will learn them and it will be o.k.

Teacher goes through a medium hard problem first, then lets them try easier ones.

I learned it's a good idea to let students try problems on their own and let them correct their methods. Teacher walks around and checks students' work. Students work on their laptops with the stylus.

Teacher lets students know that the homework was broken into two parts and that if anyone feels like they want to try the second part when finished with the first one, to go ahead.. This is good for the students who want to get ahead so that they don't have to wait. Good pacing method.

7th Hour - Algebra 1

The teacher started class by going over a quiz that had just been handed back. A copy of the quiz is displayed on the projector. The teacher uses his laptop and stylus to display work on the projector. The class is very distracted and some of the students are obnoxious and rude to the teacher. Teacher has a hard time because of that. Teacher tries to continue going over the quiz. Teacher asks why certain steps are wrong. Teacher does try to make sure the students understand. After the quiz is covered, teacher goes into new topic. Class ends there.

The teacher has a soft voice and stands at the side of the classroom opposite to where most students (particularly the unruly ones) are seated. I believe this has a negative impact on the learning potential of the students and the class as a whole. Classroom management has potential for improvement.

2nd Hour - Algebra 2

Teacher has an opening exercise on the screen ready when students walk in. Teacher mentions there is no download for the day. Students work on opening exercise (on their laptops) and then discuss answers, solution, and different ways to write answer

Teacher then hands quizzes back.

Teacher displays core concepts that will be learned in the lesson as introduces a new concept. Teacher has really neat hand writing which is pleasant to look at. Bad hand writing could have a negative impact on student learning.

Teacher does not waste time. I like the fact that this teacher has problems ready to go, and no time is lost coming up with one or looking for one. Students also know where to find them and have them ready when class starts.

The class is very compliant and engaged. Students will do a fun and educational activity.

Class knows procedure - no time wasted explaining them.

It's a game that involves rotation - simple but different. It makes the students become active and they really like it.

3rd Hour - Algebra 1*

This Algebra 1 section is slower paced than the other ones.

Teacher gets class settled down. They come in a bit rowdy. Students work on the opening exercise on their own. Students work on their laptops. Teacher walks around the room to check on them and their work. Teacher guides them through the solving process by working them out on the computer and displaying the work on the projector.

Students check their homework answers for completion credit.

Teacher goes over a few of the questions.

Students are allowed a quick drink break.

They come back for an activity. Groups are selected at random. Students find that fun.

Group name based on paper color chosen.

Questions are timed. Teacher emphasizes that they are only competing against themselves, not against other groups.Students race up with the correct answer before time's up. Paper needs to be by the clock/timer to submit it.

They work on five problems and the winner gets the prize.

Students really enjoy this activity. It seems appropriate for such an energetic class. I learned to put that energy to good use.

4th Hour- Algebra 1

Students walk in and know to download attachments. Teacher motivates students by telling them if they get it done quickly they will have time for the game. Teacher reminds them that they can download before coming to class.

Teacher goes over the calendar. Let's them know where they are and where they are headed with the subject matter.

Teacher lectures using the computer and students take notes on their computers.

Teacher navigates proficiently through One Note and is very efficient with the tools available. Teacher begins a discussion on polynomials and proper name by exponent and by number of terms.

After the lecture, teacher begins a game.

Students get a board, wipe, and marker. The name of the game is "Leap Frog" and teacher plays frog sounds - cool.

Students rotate only when they (individually - no teams) get right answer. If they get the correct answer, students move to the next open seat (seat that someone who correctly got the problem left to move on to the next open seat as well). Students who do not get it must stay in the same seat.

Students have a couple of seconds to answer and then show their answer on a board. If answer is correct, they move on. If not, student stays in the same seat.

3rd Hour - Algebra 1* (Day 2)

Teacher says the Agenda for that day.

Opens with a problem which is the most-missed question on the quiz they just took.

Teacher discusses the common questions that occurred during the quiz. Teacher displays questions on the projector screen. Also uses computer and projector to show work.

Teacher uses references like "slope aerobics" to remind the students of concepts. Teacher hands the quizzes back.

Teacher selects students at random to answer specific questions. Selection is made by pulling out a "name-stick" from a cup. This sparks the students' attention.

An interesting conversation that occurred during this hour:

(Teacher) What do we have? (pause) Starts with a P ...

(Students) Parallel!


Point slope!

(The answer was 'point')

I found that hilarious. The teacher - not so much.