Summer 2021 APEX Courses

Registration Form and Information

Registration Form and Information

  • APEX Courses are all online.
  • Courses open June 28 and must be completed by August 6.
  • Last day to register June 25, 2021
  • Credit acceleration fees of $250 per course will apply
  • Credit recovery course fees are waived for Snohomish School District students.
  • Courses listed on the form are the only classes available through the SSD APEX summer program
  • Courses will be assessed as a fee/fine in your students account in August and can be paid anytime after that.
  • If you have any questions please contact: Principal Doug Plucker or Joyce Yates via email.
  • Email completed fillable registration form to Joyce Yates or Doug Plucker

Download fillable Registration form by clicking on the PDF below

ALVS Course Information (NCAA Approved)

Students needing ALVS courses (NCAA Approved or courses not on the registration form) should be registered directly through APEX Learning :

Course fees and payment will be made directly through ALVS.

For more information and details click on the above apex learning link.