Miss Maudie "The Flower Lady"

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Miss Maudie's Opinions

My opinion of the children is that I like to look out for scout and be a mother figure to her." Jem and Dill drove me closer to here with their behavior "I think Jem is starting to act a lot like his uncle Jack Finch. "He gets more like Jack Finch everyday" I have benevolence for Dill. "Miss Maudie's benevolence extended to Jem and Dill" My opinion of Atticus doesn't change depending on when he is a father or when he is at work because he doesn't change. "Atticus Finch is the same in the house as he is on the public streets..." My opinion of Miss Stephanie Crawford is that I don't really care for her. I think she gossips too much and sleeps with too many men, being honest. "... I said 'what did you do, Stephanie, move over in the bed and make room for him? That shut her up for a while'" my opinion of the Ridleys is that first of all, Arthur or "boo" Radley is that he is a nice boy who always speaks kindly to her. "'He always spoke nicely to me, no matter what folks said he did. Spoke as nicely as he knew how.'" But his father Mr.Radley was very rude and believed anything that was good, was bad. "'Did you know some of 'em came out of the woods one Saturday and passed by this place and told me and my flowers were going to hell?'" And lastly , my opinion of myself is that I love nature and I have a green thumb. I am a baptist and I can be very blunt."'my shells not that hard, child. I'm just a baptist.' ... She had an acid tounge in her head...' ... Told me and my flowers where going to hell.'"

Why has Harper Lee included Miss Maudie as a main character of the novel?

So that it could bring some peace into the novel and to include a motherly figure for the children. Aka she is the "good guy".

This house is hot!

Miss Maudie's famous quotes:

  • "Why, one spring of nut~grass can ruin a whole yard."
  • "Call a little louder, Jack Finch, and they'll hear you at the post office, I haven't heard you yet!"
  • "Yes ma'am. They'd burn right with me. They thought I spent too much time I God's outdoors and not enough time inside the house reading the Bible."
  • " Stephanie Crawford even told me once she woke up in the middle of the night and found him looking in the window at her. I said, what did you do, Stephanie, move over in the bed and make room for him? That shut her up for a while."