Spike's Friday Flyer


Spirit Week!

Spirit Week: Send your pictures or submissions to dfuhrman@yssd.org (to possibly be posted on the EY website and YS social media) and sandyharberger@gmail.com (to possibly be posted on the EY PTO Facebook page).

March 23- Math and Music Monday

  • Wear something with a number, shape, or pattern.
  • https://mashupmath.com/blog/free-math-riddles-for-kids - fun math riddles/brain teasers
  • Tumble Math- Books based on math- company offering free service, Username: tumble2020 password: A3b5c6
  • Write or sing songs with your loved ones
  • Get creative and make music with some everyday household items
  • Hide an object and have students “code” directions on how to find it (example: three steps north (up), 5 steps w (left), etc.)
  • Practice those math facts!

March 24- Let’s get CRAZY

  • Crazy hair day-come up with creative crazy hair styles
  • Find items from the recycling bin and create something new
  • Loved ones: Put items in a paper bag and call it a “Mystery Build”
  • Students can write a story or description about their creation and builds

March 25- Workout Wednesday

  • How are you keeping active and physically fit?
  • Daily Kid Workouts
  • Make a healthy snack or help your loved one cook dinner
  • Create an Indoor/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt. What was on your list?

March 26- EY Spirit: Wear your EY shirt

  • Remember….Kindness Matters
  • Let us know what act of kindness you performed for a loved one today

March 27- Field trip Friday: Go on a virtual field trip with your family.

  • The Cincinnati Zoo is doing a live video each day at 3:00 featuring one of their animals. They also provide a fun educational activity for kids to complete that goes along with the animal lesson from the day.
  • https://www.montereybayaquarium.org/animals/live-cams The Monterey Bay Aquarium has live cams and videos where you can “meet the animals” and learn all about them!
  • Links to over 30 virtual tours
  • Write a story about your adventures

East York’s Version of March Madness...School-wide Reading Competition

Which “team” can read the most books? The winning team will get a sweet treat when we return to school!

Here are the “brackets!”

  • 3rd grade vs. 4th grade
  • 5th grade vs. Staff

Here are some reading resources

Everytime your child reads a book, please complete the log linked here!