Come to our shop!

Join me!

Hi everyone, my name is Lazar!

Today I'm going to present a Triple Clicks Online Shop!

This shop offers over 89.000 products. You can buy everything you want!

You can find clothes, shoes, watches, mobile phones, also food, books, computers, jewelry, and much more!

I bought here some really good things, and I was impressed! The quality of products, the prices, delivery is perfect!

I recommend you to make a registration at Triple Clicks (you will find the link bellow), because is much simple to start your shopping! And when you became a member of Triple Clicks, you can play a games, and have fun! I will explain you everything bellow!

So I hope you will join me!

For registration you need to put your first and last name, e-mail adress, password and country!

When you make a registration you can START your shopping!

What next?

As you can see bellow, you have couple of tabs.

Deals tab - There you can find a products which have some really good discounts.

Products tab - There you can search for products you want.

Auctions tab - There you can play auctions and won them. You play them with bidding, and you bid with TCredit. TCredit you will buy with money or MRP points. MRP points you will receive when you buy something, and also you will won MRP playing games.

Games tab - The most exciting tab is games tab. There you can play free games, such as Card King, Gold Streak, Uber Picks, Knock Out Trivia, Time-Machine, Pick The Price and T-Time! And also you can use TCredit for some help in this games.

ECAs tab - This tab offers you to open your own store at Triple Clicks, where you will sell your product.

Music tab - On this tab you can listen music, download music, etc.

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If you have some question or you need some help you can add me on facebook or send e-mail!

Bellow you will find the links!

I'm waiting for you!