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Career and Technology Education

Agriculture Education Department

Agricultural Education at TAHS is an integral part of the overall school program. The curriculum is based on the needs, interests, and capabilities of the individuals enrolled and the communities to be served.Training for proficiency in life skills to include leadership development, agricultural machinery, agribusiness, and natural resources management is the major objective of agricultural education. Development of good citizenship skills as well as marketable occupational skills is stressed in all courses in the curriculum.The first two years in the typical agricultural education curriculum are devoted to agriscience and mechanics. These first two years provide the individual with a broad background in agriculture. In the following years of the curriculum, the student may focus on interests by selecting the optional areas of agriculture machinery service or agribusiness.The agriculture department also offers two courses designed for the student typically enrolled the agriculture curriculum. These two courses, Ecology and Natural Resources and Leadership Development, are one year courses designed to sharpen skills in the respective areas of ecology and leadership training.

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Business and Marketing Department

The Turner Ashby High School Business Department is proud of its facilities and hopes that students will take advantage of the courses available and become highly skilled business professionals.

Equipment: IBM Compatible (Gateway and Dell computers)

Microsoft Office Professional for Windows 2016 using the following:
  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel
  • Access
  • PowerPoint
  • Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Java Script
  • JAVA
  • HTML

Take a business class to
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  • Be Employable – Enroll in COE (Work program)
  • Be Marketable!
  • Be Successful!
Skills in accounting and technology are essential for business leaders of tomorrow!

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If you have questions or comments, please refer them to the Business Department: call Turner Ashby High School (540) 828-2008.
Marketing is an educational program designed for all students who have an interest in studying selling, buying, transporting, services, and storing goods. Promoting, financing, marketing research, and management are also studied. Specialty areas include sports marketing and fashion marketing. A cooperative education component, which combines classroom instruction with supervised on-the-job training for students who desire to work, is also offered. Three credits are earned for successful completion of the cooperative program requirements.

Among the categories of careers for which students would be trained are the following: sales, advertising and display, finance and credit marketing, food marketing, hotel/motel marketing, apparel and accessories marketing, restaurant marketing, vehicle and petroleum marketing, and general merchandising.

Marketing is designed for both college-bound and non-college-bound students. For college-bound students, it can provide skills necessary for employment thus helping students finance their education as they pursue a college degree. Students can earn a significant portion or all of their college expenses through employment in sales or service-related occupations. Better than average salaries can be earned through commission sales. For students who plan to enter the workforce directly after high school, the benefits generally include an entry into management and supervision of a business during their senior year, thus giving them an early start in their career. In any event, students are better prepared to make the transition into their career areas, either after college or high school, by completing courses in Marketing Education.

DECA is a co-curricular student organization for Marketing.

Family and Consumer Sciences Department

Courses offered in the Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum focus on the development of management skills needed throughout one's life span. All students will benefit from the courses that are committed to empowering students to fulfill individual, family, community, and work roles in a diverse, global society. The relationship between work and family is our unique focus. The student enrolling in a Family and Consumer Science class is encouraged to become a member of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). FCCLA provides opportunities for students to participate in community service and other projects that help build good citizenship and potential as leaders in today's world.

Technology Education Department

Since the American culture is distinctly characterized as industrial and/or technological, it becomes the function of schools to give every student an insight into the technological nature of our culture. Technology education is a basic and fundamental study for all persons regardless of educational goals or educational pursuit. The goals of the Technology Education Department are as follows:

  • Assist students in developing an understanding of industry and technology and in the discovery and development of individual potential.
  • Make students aware of employment opportunities and assist with their educational programs.
  • Through technological understanding, help students acquire competencies that lead to responsible citizenship, consumer knowledge, and the productive use of leisure time.