Go Ask Alice

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A girl in her mid teens feels like an outcast in her new town, but when she gets introduced to drugs her life turns around. She meets new people and travels to new places, but the people she meets are bad influences and she travels to these places because she runs away from home. Terrible things happen to this girl including rape and addiction.

Character Analysis


Sheila is the main character's friend's boss, at first she appears to be nice when she invites them to all her parties and she seems to have the girls best interest in mind, until she drugs them and allows her "boyfriend" to rape them. She is an awful person.


Richie was the main character's boyfriend until she walked in on him and her best friend's boyfriend high and making love to each other. Later it was found out he was using her to get little kids, only in grade school, hooked on drugs.


Running Away From Problems Won't Solve Them-

The main character runs away from home twice in the novel, but both times when she returns she finds out that her reputation still stands when she returns.

People Are Never As they First Seem-

Two perfect examples of this are Sheila and Richie

Discussion Questions

Analyze the main character's decisions now and how they can affect her in the future.
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