by: Taylor Cruz

The Functions Of Protein

The functions of proteins are are to help with body tissues and muscles, hormones, enzymes, immune system, and energy.

Things You Can Eat For More Protein

Turkey and chicken breast, fish(tuna, salmon, halibut), cheese (non-fat mozzarella), pork loin, and lean beef and veal (low fat).

Reasons Why I Support Protein As The Best Nutrient

they serve as catalysts that maintain metabolic processes in the cell.

they serve as structural elements both within and outside the cell.

they are signals secreted by one cell or deposited in the extracellular matrix that are recognized by other cells.

they serve as intracellular signaling components that mediate the effects of receptors.

they are key components of the machinery that determines which genes are expressed and whether mRNAs are translated into proteins.