Group Assignment Part 1

Video 1: using a message with meanings that are meant to deceive

In this video, one of the characters admits that he always lies to Ted about how he is going to find girl and settle down. In this case, he would be using prosocial deception because he wants to be encouraging to his friend, even though he doesn't think it is going to happen.
How I Met Your Mother S06E02 lie

Video 2: disconfirming behavior

In this second video, it shows disconfirming behavior because Sheldon is being ignored while eating lunch with his friends. After Sheldon acted like a know it all, none of his friends wanted to continue on the conversation. They excluded him from their conversation by pretending as if he wasn't there and starting to talk about a new topic.
The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon ignored

Video 3: using an inference

In the last video, the characters are inferring that something scary is in the cart that they are in. They soon realize that it is not anything scary, but a ballerina bear. The viewer can also notice that the main character is inferring that the bear is really attractive and he likes her a lot.
Fat Hairy Supermodel | MADAGASCAR 3