Culver Elementary August 2019

---------From the Desk of Mrs. Proskey---------

Welcome Back to a New School Year!!!

I would like to welcome you and your children to Culver Elementary School. Our school is full of knowledge, enthusiasm, challenge, creativity, rigor, support and encouragement. Our dedicated teaching staff and support personnel strive to provide for each student’s individual needs. We encourage your support and assistance throughout the school year so that your child will have a successful and rewarding year.

We always encourage parents to be a positive partner in your child’s education. Make it known to your child that you value education. Let your child see you supporting his or her endeavors here at school by attending programs, volunteering to chaperone field trips, helping out with classroom activities, or most importantly, talking to your child about school and the importance of it.

It is a pleasure to have you as a member of our Culver family. We are looking forward to working with each and every one of you as we embrace the new school year, continue to build on the tradition of academic excellence and provide a positive learning experience.

This upcoming year brings many new and exciting changes to Culver Elementary School. We are pleased to welcome some new programming changes and new staff members to our Culver family....

  • Mrs. Pratt is now teaching a computer science/STEM class that will be integrated into to K-5 specials rotation.
  • Mr. Combs has moved his classroom upstairs into the old band room.
  • Mrs. Risner's Library class will also become a specials rotation.
  • Mrs. James has become our new Social Emotional and Academic Learning Coordinator replacing Mrs. Coldiron.
  • Mrs. Woodward is now our new High Ability teacher as she has taken over Mrs. James position.
  • Mrs. DeVore has become our new third 5th grade teacher.
  • Mrs. Llovet has become our new third 1st grade teacher.
  • Mrs. Leist has become our new third preschool teacher with Mrs. Garza as her assistant.
  • Mrs. Ashley has become Mrs. Bailey's new preschool assistant.
  • Mrs. Nudo has become our new Special Education teacher.
  • Mrs. Basewick has become our new School Psychology Intern/Case Conference Coord.
  • Mrs. DeWitt has become our new Speech Pathology Assistant.

We are also very excited to announce that our new preschool program has grown, as we have added a third preschool classroom class. At this point we are at wait-list status. If you are interested in preschool please call the main office and add your name to the wait-list.

We are very excited to start "Cavalier Way Wednesdays". On Wednesdays, during specials, Mrs. James will be holding grade level character ed/social-emotional competency/ employability skill instruction weekly. Mrs. James will incorporate proactive approaches and strategies into her lessons to problem behaviors that utilizes the reteach, redirect, and model approach to instill a culture of positive behavior. Students will be explicitly taught how to function in a learning environment with the goal of transferring these skills to life circumstances. By improving school environment, we hope to increase learning time and promote academic and social success for every student. The teachers will also be holding classroom morning meetings every morning ay 8:15am. By having a Morning Meetings, it is an engaging way to start each day, build a strong sense of community, and set children up for success socially and academically.

We have also restructured our Tier 1 and Tier 2 discipline policy into PBIS- Positive Behavior Incentive Support Systems. In doing this, discipline will not be about consequences, but about giving the student a chance to reflect and have the opportunity to relearn appropriate behavior. Students will set goals and reflect on their actions and reactions. The teachers will be communicating behaviors and activities with all parents in the school through Classdojo. Therefore all parents will be invited to join by your student's teacher within the first couple weeks of school. More information to come.

We can’t wait to see you on August 7th from 5:00-7:00 at Back to School Night. You may bring your student’s school supplies to their new classrooms and meet their teachers! Our wonderful PTO will also be having an ice cream social for the kids Starting at 5:00!!

Best wishes for a successful year!!!

With Culver Pride,

Erin Proskey

Culver Elementary Principal

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Check out Your PK-5th grade student's ClassDojo

Check out your child's discipline, activities, fieldtrips, etc.

Special Meetings/ Activities/ Dates

Wednesday, August 7th
  • Back to School Night @ 5pm-7pm
Thursday, August 8th
  • First Day of School

Thursday,August 29th

  • Open House

Friday, August 30th

  • eLearning Day

Monday, September 2nd
  • No School
Link to the Culver Elementary School WebPage

By pressing this button, you can view the official Culver Elementary School Webpage, where you can view official documents (the breakfast & lunch menu) and links to the Middle School and High School.

Weekly Schedule

Monday through Thursday - 8:00am to 3:00pm
Early Dismissal on Friday- 8:00am to 2:00pm

*** Breakfast is at 7:45

***First bell rings at 8:00

***Tardy bell rings at 8:10

*** If your student is going home from school a different way than usual, please contact the office no later than 2:00pm.

FAQ's about the 1/2 SPLIT Classroom

How do the Split classrooms work?

***If your first grade child has been chosen to be placed in a split level classroom, they will be measured on their mastery based on their current grade level (1st) but be exposed to the standards of the grade level above (2nd) at the same time. The findings of end of the year mastery levels will help guide us on curricular offerings for next school year.

***If your second student has been placed in a split level classroom, they will be measured on their mastery of their current grade level (2nd) which will be preparing them for third grade, next year.

How were the students chosen?

All of the students that were picked to be in these classes were chosen based upon their common RIT scores. Therefore all of the students will be challenged at the same ability level. The 1th graders that are in the 1/2nd grade class are those 1st grade students that are learning at an above 1st grade level.

How will the students be taught?

All of the students will be learning the material at their level. As the standards overlap for the first and second grade, the content will be differentiated for skill base. They will all be working at pace but there will be enrichment and remediation going on, just as there would be in any other classroom.

Will they still change classes like before?

These classes will be run a bit differently than the traditional classrooms. They may not switch classes with the others (except for Science and Social Studies). The 1/2nd split will be eating lunch and attending specials with the 2nd grade students.

How were the teachers chosen to teach these sections?
They will definitely be learning new material. This class is set up for student success. The teacher, Mrs. Elliott is a high ability trained teacher and is ready to challenge her students to go up and above.

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Preschool Information

If you have a preschooler attending Culver "Little Cavs" Preschool, PLEASE remember to do the following...
1. Each week has to be paid in advance. For example, the week of August seventh must already be paid prior to the student being picked up on Thursday. (The Deposit Fee was not the first weeks payment)
2. When your child boards the bus, an adult/parent must be there to buckle them in.
3. If your child is allergic to any of the lunches that we are serving, please let the teacher know, and have your child bring his/her lunch for that day.
4. CBGC WILL NOT be able to take students under the age of 5. Once your child is 5 they will be able to attend CBGC.

Preschool Tuition and Lunch Payment Changes

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If you haven't registered yet....

If you haven't registered yet.... please feel free to come in to the Culver Elementary Office between the hours of 8am-4pm.

Please keep the school informed...

Please keep the school informed of any changes in emergency contacts, phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses, etc., throughout the school year. Remember to set up changes, if you have the "Push" notifications set up on Harmony.
Link to Harmony Family Access WebPage

Click on this button if you wish to access your Family Access Harmony Page to view your child's grades/ lunch account/ book rental fees, etc.

Culver Boys and Girls Club

Director- Mrs. Jessye Gilley
Asst. Director- Mrs. Criston Zehner
Phone Number- 574-250-0103
Fee- $35.00 Per Year (After School) / Field Trips Extra / Daily Rate
Open- 3:00-7:00 after school / Summer (Other days as determined by Director)
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Weather Alerts and Notifications/ Notifying the Office when your Child is Sick

As the weather starts to really get chilly and students are beginning to catch the flu bug, there are a few things that we need you to remember:
  • Please make sure that your child leaves the house appropriately dressed for the weather. We still go outside for recess even when it is pretty chilly outside.
  • Do not drop your children off at the front door prior to 7:30. The doors do not get unlocked until the assistant gets there at 7:30.
  • If the weather looks like it may be too treacherous for school, please check WNDU, WSBT, or FOX22 for closings or school delays. WROI and WXVI will also be informed of closings and delays. You may also check Culver Elementary's Facebook Page. (go to the link on this page and "like" our page).
  • Follow us on our Twitter page at
  • If your child is absent please call Yvonne Shepherd at 574-842-3389 or email her at
  • Also remember if your child has a fever, they have to be 24 hours fever free before they come back to school. You never know when that fever may spike back up!

Culver Communtity Schools Corporation Mission Statement

All stakeholders will prepare students to become contributing members of society and lifelong learners.

Culver Community Schools Corporation Vision Statement

All CCSC students will become respectful leaders encouraging social and moral excellence.

Culver Community Schools Corporation Belief Statements

  • We believe students, with support from community, family, and educators, will rise to the level of expectations.
  • We believe a well-rounded education at CCSC will foster emotional and intellectual development along with respectful, pro-active communication, in a positive, nurturing, learning environment.
  • We believe that every student at CCSC is a potential leader given proper mentoring.
  • We believe the definition of success is unique to every student.